The Designers Chic

Saturday, August 9, 2008


QUENCH = To slake; satisfy

almost quivering,yet still sane for you.
the feel or your makes me just unwind from the hot summer sun.
the fizz of your hot breath just swirl around my senses and makes my mouth water.
swirling in your icy cold dark body,i must have you.
the sweet bite of you on my lips sends tanlizing desire for your taste.
the first gulp sends and explotion of hunger,one of sweet surrender
and warm hot summer night.nothing can quench me but you.
tonight i will meet you in my dreams just you and I my sweetdrink
..i thirst for you ..
my dark ,cold ,pliable
for some unexplanable reason i have been craving coca cola like crazy.nothing can quench my thirst but this.could it be im pregnant?or could it one of those days that i must have what my body craves. in a couple of weeks i will have my answer.

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