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Monday, December 8, 2008


Have you ever had the urge to find out if you got the best of the best product out in the market today? Here is a site that you can find out reviews of products from toys, books, technology, sports to games they have it all at Ebooks Review. Its the easiest way to find out new product releases and how consumers are rating certain products. Now you don't have to keep on searching and end up on the wrong places just trust the experts and you will definitely learn from the best.


This was taken at Christiana Mall February 19,2007 the day we found out i was pregnant. We went to the mall so Kayla could look around and throw pennies at the fountain. After going to the mall we stopped by at Happy Harry's to get a home pregnancy test. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I noticed that my body was changing and i didn't get my monthly cycle. As soon as we got home i did the test and Ralph was so excited wanting to know. I asked him to come upstairs to look at it and it sure was positive. He was so happy, i was happy but scared. We didn't plan on getting pregnant right away. Still we accepted it with open arms and I loved the child growing inside of me right away. I thought i was going to have a boy but i was so wrong,lol.


Do you consider yourself a crafty person? Some of my family and friends think I'm a crafty and creative person. I owe that all to my mom who always find ways to fix or to make things. Back home I use to help my family with making fashion accessories. It was hard work, time consuming but rewarding at the same time. We would stay up all night long making it and delivering it to a company after a period of time. Since then, my mother and sister have made there own creation but had no idea where and how to sell them. I just recently come across that helps artist and ordinary people sell their artwork and crafts at no fee.

Creating one's own website to sell and display your work can be hard, frustrating and very very time consuming. If you want a hassle free way of selling your craft and art work product this is the only way to go. And not just that, when you join the community you are also supporting organizations that help protect our world. Where else can you find a place in the world wide web that helps you show off your handiwork, crafts, arts and also helps you sell it at no extra cost? To all those people whose hobbies are making beautiful crafty art works, this is the community that will help you sell your work and meet very interesting people like yourself at the same time.


Its been two years that we have moved in this house but yet we still have unpacked boxes in the basement. The basement is not finished and is overflowing with an accumulation of junk, old stuff, new stuff, boxes. You would not believe how messy it is down there. Today Ralph finally got us doing some clearing up of the basement, we still haven't finished yet since that baby was with us and would not allow us to clean up. Finally the baby is down for her nap and will probably sleep for 2 hours, cross my fingers and we will continue with what we stated earlier. Hopefully in 2-5 years we will have the basement finished so it will add value to the house and give us another room for the kids or even a guest room. We still have a lot of projects and improvement to do with the house but we are doing it one at a time. As the saying goes " slowly but surely"


Its the season of love, season of hope, season of giving and of hope. This Christmas let us give and share our love,joy and hope by giving. We are so lucky that we have service men and women who protect us, our children and our country. Most of the service men and women wont be with there families to welcome the holiday season but we can still make it beautiful and a joyous season for them. This holiday season let us give back by donating to the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry. This is the best thing we can do for them and their families this Christmas. This is our chance to give back and thank them for the good job they are doing of protecting us. With every single dollar you donate this will give one child something more to look forward to come Christmas morning. Presents and gifts wont be able to replace the missing loved this holiday season but it will let them know they are special and that someone cares for them. Donations made will help purchase things like shoes, coats, hats and will be divided equally among all the families. Donations made are not tax deductible but the most important thing is we are thinking for them and showing them we care.



Smokey my MIL's cat is fat, lazy and mean. Even with all this everybody still loves him specially the baby. She would follow him everywhere and tries to give him hugs and kisses all the time. Smokey has this disposition that he will only come to you at his convenience and will swat, hiss and scratch you if his not in the mood. He has scratched the baby a couple of times on the side of the face already but nothing really major. About 5 days ago Smokey finally did something,he bit the baby on the forearm. He was getting annoyed at the baby trying to give him some loving and just kept pushing on his back. I just turned my head when i heard the baby crying and holding her arm. I thought he just scratched her so i pulled up her sleeve but could not find a mark but the baby was still crying hard. I pulled up the sleeve further and saw two puncture wound on her arm. It was a bite mark, Smokey finally gave in and bit her. Good thing it really didn't penetrate the skin but left indents of his fangs. When the baby saw the cat again she screamed right at him, she was so angry screaming at him,lol.. Now i don't take chances of leaving her with Smokey. They still both love each other.

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