The Designers Chic

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year again everyone!!! How did you guys spend your first year? I spent has of it folding tons of socks, a mountain of our clothes. What a way to spend the new year huh, to each its own,lol. We did have a New Years dinner here with just my BIL and his family plus the two other dogs. After eating we just hang around the house and watch a couple of movies and some shows on how building are made, the structure and the design. With the heavy machinery and our technology today building can be either made entirely out of wood, stone, brick or even metal buildings. In the coming years I wonder what engineers can come up next. After those shows we talked a bit and had some desserts and then it was time for my BIL to head on out the road. Hopefully this year will bring it lots of blessings for all of us..



Just a few minutes ago it was still 2009 then the countdown started to usher in the New Year 2010. It's a quiet celebration for all of us here since its just me and MIL, Kaitlyn tucked in bed and Ralph at work. However, Ralph was on the phone with me when the countdown started and we got to greet each other. I miss my husband but I know he is out there working to provide for us. MIL got teary eyed as always and we gave each other hugs and kisses. We shared some brownies that I baked for sweetness in the New Year while watching the rest of the 2010 countdown on our HDTV that we got a few months back. MIL loves and hates HDTV, she said it makes some of the people look fat. Oh well, as long as its colored and I can watch my favorite show I could care any less what it is,lol... Happy New Year again everyone!!!

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