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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Tomorrow is my MIL's 69th birthday. I am baking her a cake and crossing my finger that she doesn't come out of her room and ruin our surprise. Yesterday, Angelo's family and one of his older kids came down to take mom out to dinner. We just went to our favorite Chinese buffet. And by golly was it packed with people. Eating out on a weekend in Delaware is not a good idea. We had to wait for 15 minute to finally get seated. As usual we have a blast while talking. Before leaving the house I sneaked in a candle in my bag to take with me. When we were all done eating I went to get a slice of cake on the dessert buffet and put that single candle one top and went over to our table. We all sang happy birthday to her. As expected she got teary eyed. When we all got home Ralph, Angelo and Mom talked about her life insurance again. Its always something that she continues to talk to her kids about. The life insurance she already has right now is enough but she is thinking of getting another one but wants her son's opinion on the matter. Ralph suggested that she check out and see if she can find one and to talk to them after that. I hate when they start talking about insurance and dying but its a subject that needs to be addressed. Mom said that she will let her boys know when all 3 of them are present so she can go over it with them. Do you have insurance? If not, its time to think about getting one for you or your family.


A few more weeks of Winter and Spring will be here. I am looking forward to Spring not only for the warmer weather but I get to start learning how to drive. I couldn't very well start driving when winter is still around. I am not a hundred percent sure about driving though but, I have to learn it if I want to be more independent. Ralph got a third car, we call it the beat up old car. He said he got it for me so when I start learning to drive he doesn't have to worry to much about the car. The car may be an older model but I have driven it and it works well. Ralph just got new brake pads for the van and the Taurus(3rd car). Ralph's personal car, his Mustang is in tip top shape so no work need be done. He keeps all the cars well maintained because we are planning on getting another 3 years out of the Van before getting a new one. I just hope that driving will eventually come easy. Well, practice makes perfect right? I'll just have to be confident and be more observant while I am still on the passenger seat. Before long, I'll be the one who will be driving.

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