The Designers Chic

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Last Memorial Day was hosted by my BIL. We drove early to their house and brought some of the food. Its always good to have family around since my immediate family is half way around the world. As usual family gatherings are always loud with so much to catch up on and good food to fill our bellies. It was that day that I found out something about my BIL that I never thought he would do. He got piercing on his body and I could not believe it. I had to see it to believe it and it was true. I have nothing against people with piercing as its their body. My BIL is full of surprises and so does my SIL. I even asked her if she has a garter belt of a costume I could borrow, lol. I wouldn't be surprise if she has a naughty nurse costume in their closet, I may even have to get one so I can be my husband's personal nurse. I didn't really got to see all the goodies she has as I found out about my BIL piercing before we left for the day. My MIL was so shocked when she found out and would not believe us until she sees it for herself. I guess she will get the shock of her life when he comes down by us for the day and go swimming,lol.

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