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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


What a hot week its gonna be.It's really time to break out the summer outfits and bathing suit. Wearing swimsuit can be nerve wracking specially if you have a lot of belly fat in excess. Most of my swimsuit are two piece, tankini and 2 monokini. The two piece makes me so self conscious with my belly flab hanging out. I only have a month to try and trim my tummy and loose a little bit of excess fat. One quick option would be to get my hands on a weight loss pill or fat burner. I should try to adipex and see if I can loose some weight with it. But before taking it I will have to read the adipex side effects to see if its going to interfere with my daily routine. Why can't we all just be happy with what we have? I just want a firmer tummy, I don't need abs, just a semi-flat belly. Is that to much to ask?


Look whose got a tan now! That was actually taken last week when it was scorching hot. It was just a few hours under the sun, when I went in the bathroom I could tell I had a tan. I didn't get burned though, it helped that I put sunblock. My hubby likes it when I get darker , he said it make me look sexier. My grandmother would probably get so upset why I want to get so dark and stay under the sun. To much sun exposure is bad on your skin that can cause skin cancer. I can't help but get dark and stay under the sun because I have kids and we have a swimming pool. Sitting under the umbrella on the pool deck is where I am usually at but it can only do so much. You should see my youngest, she is so tanned now. I lather my kids with sunblock when they are out playing and specially when they are swimming. Husband thinks I still need to toast a little bit more, lol.

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