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Monday, April 19, 2010

24/7 NURSE

For the past couple of weeks I have been my husband's personal nurse 24/7. He finally had his wound closed last April 13, 2010 and had to stay in the hospital. For all those not in the loop my husband had a cyst removed from his derriere We thought he was just staying overnight but that all changed when his temperature went sky high up to 102.4. I felt helpless knowing he was in the hospital by himself. My husband is a grown man but I wanted to be there for him but nobody can take care of my kids. I was nervous as a hen when he called me that night and told him he has a high fever. I didn't let him on that I was worried, I could not sleep that night and was just tossing and turning waiting for him to call me again. Thankfully the next day we went to visit him and he was fine. They had to take a lot of blood test, culture and other test to find out why he had that fever. Yes, it is common for patient that just had surgery to have a fever but he should have gotten the fever the night he had surgery and not the following day. They could not find anything wrong with him but just in case had to let him stay in the hospital again. He was there for a total of 5 days.

He was happy as a peach when his doctor told him that he could come home. He got on the phone right away to let me know that he was coming home and that he wants to be picked up right away. My husband was so happy to leave the hospital not because he wasn't treated right but he missed his kids and me so much. He just wanted to see his kids and maybe spend a little time with them. Even though he can't stay on his feet to long nor sit down he was just glad to be home. He said he was so tired of having people see his naked behind all the time, lol.

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