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Friday, August 22, 2008


How do you prepare yourself for the many firsts of your childrens lives? Will you cry or will you burst with laughter?

My step daughter's first day of school was something memorable and something i didnt want to miss. She started kindergarten last wed Aug 20,08 she not only started the first day of school but she went on the school bus for the very first time!At 5 yrs old you get so worried and so hesitant about sending letting her ride the bus where she will be by herself without me or her daddy.

We started the day on a wednesday morning bright and early. Woke up and of course kayla came barreling in baby sister's room to play for a little bit. Didnt even realize that daddy was home and he was still sleeping. After playing for a few minutes Kayla woke up her dad saying :

daddy wake up! time to get ready for school!

Excited as we were i was so tired and still groggy from waking up early. Im not a morning person never was and never will,lol...My pancakes that i previously freezed came into good use as Kayla wanted pancakes.While taking care of Kayla i also had to take care of another mouth,her baby sister Kaitlyn who is getting to be so demanding but so adorable..Breakfast passed without incident as well as brushing the teeth. Time to do her hair.She has very long hair down to her waist,i parted her hair and braided it.She was all pink.

As we walked out the door in the chilly morning my husband and i wondered how she would do going on the bus. Camera was always on hand to make sure i captured the moment. The bus stop was jsut right around the second corner from our house. As soon as we got to the bus stop Kayla meet two other little girls her age but were in different rooms. The other one was Tamara which happens to be our neighbor that kayla talks to thru the fence,hhehe..Kelly was the other little girl.

We the parents were so anxious ,happy yet sad.Finally buss 232 glided to the bus stop and Kayla was so excited and if we didnt tell her to give us a kiss goodbye she would have just gone up the bus and left us standing there. She gave us a quick kiss and a flying kiss for baby sister coz she was so excited to run over to her to give her a proper kiss.Ralph and I were teary eyed. Kayla our little girl is growing up so fast.

Going back home was like doing the walk of doom coz now we were all nervous and worried about how she will react going to school in that fashion. We patiently waited for her arrival at the bus stop again. Our worries were for naught for she had a wonderful time in school and just couldnt stop narrating what they did and how she ate at the cafeteria like a big girl.Letting her go to Pre-K last year helped her to adjust quickly to a full day of school.

I hope her enthusiasm for school will continue....

Daddy,baby sister,grandma and I are so proud of you.

We love you and congratulation for you are a big girl now!!!


Yesterday i went to the doctors to have a check up on the small growth on my right outer leg. The growth has been growing and it started to hurt a little bit and bothering me. I have had this growth on my leg for about 4 yrs now and it was just ok.when i got here in the US it would fall off and the round growth would get flat but then it would grow back again. I decide to have it checked coz it looked disgusting on my leg and i wanted it gone. I thought it was just going to be a routine check up and i would be sent to a dermatologist so they could check it more thouroughly but no,our family doctor was very curious about the growth coz it didnt look like a wart nor a regular could i tell her its called a (congo) in my country?i dont even know the english term for it,lol.....she poked and pushed and poked on it again. and then told me and my husband that it has to come off since it will only keep coming back. She explained that the growth will have to be taken out right from the core so it wont come back again.
Ralph asked if she could do it in the clinic and take it out and the doctor sure said yes she can!!..I was horrified,scared and nervous. I was told that there would ba a scar and that it wont hurt when they take it out.and of course they will send the growth to a lab for biopsy.
I was sent to another room and prepped for the removal of the so called growth. I was such a baby and i held my husbands hand and whinned so much...i almost cried when they injected my leg with numbing medication..It really hurt a lot!!! i also had 4 stitches after it was taken out..I am glad it was over but anxious to know if the growth will come back and the result of the biopsy.
As soon as i got home i told everybody in the house who would listen about how it hurt and how many stitches i got and how i was bleeding,lol. I am hurting now and its throbbing a lot. I wanted to take a picture but i forgot my camera..
I anxiously await the result of my BIOPSY.

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