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Thursday, September 30, 2010


At last I am now able to post my video and review for Gruene Steam Mop and Steam Cleaner.

First of all I was surprised and ecstatic when I got my Steam Cleaner. I immediately put it all together, surprisingly it was easy considering I leave all the assembling to my husband. I already have a steam cleaner among my many cleaning tools so I pretty much know how the thing works. What I love about it though is the hand held Steam Cleaner. Now I can actually sterilize the most important part of the house which is the bathroom and kitchen. What I love about the steam cleaner is it saves me a whole lot of money. I have spent more than $200 dollars on cleaning products alone and that is just the basic cleaning products that I use around the house. Well, that is going to be cut short now with the help of my Gruene Steam Mop. The video below is where I love using the Steam Cleaner:

As any steam cleaners goes it gets the job done. As much as I love my Steam Cleaner, I still have a couple of things that needs a little bit of improvement. First of it could be a little lighter and smaller and the hose a little bit more flexible. Other than that, it has worked great and really gets the job done. It doesn't use as much water as I thought it would which is great, save me time from refilling it.

The Steam mop I have not really used it a whole lot as it feels bulky. I however like that they had a plastic tray that you can put under your Steam Mop so as not to damage your flooring when your done cleaning and cooling it off for storage. It does clean up and lifts stains really good specially hard wood floors but the waffle mop that goes with it easy gets soaked in water thus leaving a very wet floor. And the wheels I really don't get it, It doesn't really make mopping faster or easier. And the accessory holder is bothersome. It keeps falling off the back of the Steam Mop and is very annoying. But other than that I am very happy with the performance of the Gruene Steam Mop and Steam Cleaner. It is a must for household that have little kids and pets to get, It sanitizes, cleans, economically and is Eco-friendly.

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