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Monday, November 15, 2010


That is just one of the few underwater pictures we had of our vacation last July in the Philippines. I just got it developed today. With my short term memory I had forgotten that I had it and keep forgetting to have it develop. Finally today I remembered to take it with us to Happy Harry's. I miss my cousins and my sister back home.

L-R my cousin Margaret, my sister Mitzi, my cousin Brigitte, Regi and nephew Carl. This was taken at the 3 start resort in Ormoc City my mom's hometown. It is a rare occasion of us cousins to be together since most of us live in different country. We happen to coordinate our vacation so we could see each other. I miss them so much, looking at the fun pictures reminded me of the good times we shared even in a short time. They have not seen the photo as of yet as I haven't had time to post it online. I'm pretty sure they will laugh when they see all of the photos, lol.. I miss you guys

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