The Designers Chic

Sunday, May 2, 2010


It has been such a wonderful hot hot weekend! A lot of traffic on our way to pick up Kayla in Baltimore. Again, it was mostly people coming home from the beach. We were beside this big fancy RV that was just huge and looked so spacious. Ralph promptly said " hun, how would you feel about owning one of those?". I really wouldn't object since it will make traveling more convenient and smoother specially since we have kids. We could even take our dog with us and just stay in camping grounds. Traveling to other state and just seeing the wonderful sites as we drive by would be a great experience for the kids. I will be of no help on the wheel though with me not knowing how to drive just yet. The only drawback I see about getting an RV is the maintenance and the gasoline. Those huge recreational vehicle looks like they are gas guzzlers and what about the rv repair, it must cost a lot of money for that alone. Our neighbor has one but we are not friendly with them after they got prissy about our backyard and the loose branches we have yet to get rid of a year and a half ago. After that incident, we avoid talking to him or even saying hello. But anyway, our prissy neighbor has been getting friendly with Ralph again and who knows, hubby might one day ask about his RV.

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