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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I got my very own cellphone about 5 months ago and still i don't have the nice ring tones that would love to have. Sure my cellphone is pre-loaded with ring tones but its not the latest ring tones that are coming out. I would love to have ring tones of my favorite artist. I have searched for sometime now where to download free ring tones and i just found it at free ringtones.They have all the types of ring tones like the monophonic ring tones, polyphonic and the real music ring tones. The have a wide selections of ring tones from you favorite artist, bands, groups. The have hip hop, r&b and many many more. They even soundtracks from your favorite shows that you love to watch. The best thing about it its free and its compatible to almost all cellphone carriers. My niece is under the T-mobile carrier and with this she can download her favorite songs at free t-mobile ringtones. As a teenager I'm sure she will jump right at this. As for my brother in-law that has Larry the Cable guy as his ring tone maybe he will one to replace it. he happens to keep on buying ring tones, he can get them now for free at free Verizon ringtones. Hey, I'm not done just yet they also have cool ring tones for sprint carriers and I'm pretty sure that Ralph will want to get a new ring tone for his phone since he loves Latin music at free Sprint ringtones.Now i can download the latest ring tones out there without having to pay for it. And its so easy to do, just pick your mobile carrier, inter your cellphone, verify your pin and you can choose the ring tones you want. Don't just take my word for it, go visit and give it a try.


My little girl is not feeling too good. the last couple of days i noticed that she was coughing specially at night. Kayla was getting the cold and she must have given it to Kaitlyn with all the hugging, kissing, sharing food and the playing that they do around the house. Kayla is not here with us for Thanksgiving since its her mom's turn this year to have her. Back to Kaitlyn, even though she is feeling a little bit under the weather she is still her jolly, happy, mischievous self. But tonight i put her down to sleep in my makeshift bed on the floor in her room. After she fell asleep i sneaked out and went downstairs to continue the cleaning up and the preparation for tomorrow's feast. Then all of a sudden i heard her throwing up in the baby monitor. I rushed to her room and found her still throwing up all over herself, the pillow and the sleeping bag. She was coughing so much that lead her to throw up. She was still groggy and sleepy and would have laid down in all that vomit if i hadn't stopped her and changed her. As soon as she was changed i held her in my arms until she fell asleep and placed her on her crib. Things like that make me worry so much since she is just a baby and cant tell me what wrong with her and what hurts. I'm just glad she is sleeping and resting now, i just hope she will be much better tomorrow since we will have family over.


Last Holiday Ralph, the kids and I just went out to have our family picture taken and took the kids to the mall to see Santa Claus. I never dawned on me that i could have had that family picture turn into a Christmas Card to send to family, relatives and Friends. It was only last March when we got invited to a birthday party that i saw some people sending there friends personalized cards with there picture on them. I vowed to myself that this year i will try to send out personalized cards for Christmas and my wish has been answered. I can easily make Custom Christmas Cards with no sweat at all. All you have to do is find the perfect Holiday picture of your or your family upload it, choose a design that best fits you and viola in 3 days you have it. How easy is that? Its fast, convenient and most of all affordable.Now who says that Personalized Custom Christmas Cards are expensive. And there are a lot of choices you can pick, from foil accented cards, postcards and even to caricature cards. This Christmas give the gift of love and thoughts by sending them your own personalized/custom Christmas cards.

Ralph and Rice

As i was going through our cd full of pictures i happen to see that Ralph had pictures from when he first visited my country. It brought back so many happy memories of those days that i spent time with my grandparents and showing him the place where i grew up. There is one particular picture that i just laughed and chuckled when i saw it. I was the picture of the rice leaving out to dry in the sun. Ralph was asking " how do you make rice turn white" the poor man has not seen rice in its raw form,heheheh..I told him that the rice is inside the husk and it has to be grounded in order for the rice to come out of its husk. He didnt know that planting, harvesting and drying out rice is such hard work.He even tried spreading the rice to dry out in the hot summer sun. In the picture below you can see in the we were covering it since it started to drizzle and Ralph was exempted from helping since he might get itchy from the rice. I miss those days and i miss my grandparents house.


When i was young i use to think that wearing eye glasses makes me look like a genius, intelligent but geeky. Here in America its another story, eyeglasses today are not just for seeing but also for a fashion statement. I mean if you don't want to look like a geek then you better find a good frames for your glasses. As the saying goes the eyes are the windows to your soul. I know there are still people who are embarrass to be seen waring glasses. You need not be embarrass anymore, with Holiday frames you have a wide range of choices from colors to different styles. This is just in time for the holidays. Do you know someone who wear eyeglasses and you think needs a new look, this is where you can find all assortments of frames for glasses. If i were to pick a glass frame it would be for my niece who wears glasses. She is young and hip so i would choose Frame # 4978 Stainless Steel Frame with a sparkly daisy whimsy on the temple. She would love that and now she is going to be from geek to chic in no time at all. And the great thing about the Holiday Frames is that they are very very affordable. Get those Frames right now before they get all sold out.


Having come from a tropical country i was excited about my first winter experience. I got here December of 2006. It was already getting cold but Ralph told me we were going to have a mild winter. I could not wait for snow and constantly ask him when will it snow. It was around January that i saw the first fall of snow for that year. We were in the family room and i was giving Ralph a foot massage when i looked out the glass door leading to the backyard. I saw white stuff falling from the sky. I was so excited but hesitant. I have never seen snow before so i asked Ralph " hun, what is that?" and he replied that's snow. I jumped up and down and was so excited like a child. I hurriedly put on my jacket so i could go outside and took some pictures. It didn't last that long but it was enough to satisfy my curiosity about the snow. Ralph was laughing coz he saw how excited i was. My first snow experience was exciting and fun.

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