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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Ever noticed that a lot of men and women nowadays are using the power of the web to find the right partners. I for one have found the love of my life with the help of dating sites. I have met a lot of people online and gotten my heart broken a couple of time. All of those things didn't matter though, for someone was already destined to find me. Conservative people still look down on online dating but I don't let that affect me. Nowadays, dating sites are more and more rampant and is more diverse. There are sites for Christian dating, lesbian/gay dating, and many more. If you are reading this and still have not found your mate, try online dating and who knows, you might just meet them there.


It's our day, Mother's Day. First, I want to greet all the mothers who has kids biological or not a Happy Mother's Day. I want to thank my Mama for taking care of us through thick and thin, loving us with patience and understanding, raising us with God in our hearts. My mama has had it tough but she never gave up on me and my sister. My mom got divorced early but she chose to stay with us. Almost forsaking her happiness due to her love for us. We may not agree on everything but we know for sure that we love each other. I am what I am today because of my mom. So let us thank our mom everyday and not just once a year.


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