The Designers Chic

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I took the photo a week before we officially welcomE spring. This is the side walk leading outside of our cul de sac. Every spring time we are showered with white bloom from these trees. I never asked our neighbors what kind of tree's they are. It is not cherry blossoms. We always pass under the canopy of white blooms in the morning when I walk my oldest Kayla to the bus stop and in the afternoon on my way to picking her up at the bus stop. Sure the trees are a menace to my nose but the beauty of the blooms are just breathtaking. I makes me feel like I am literally walking in Wonderland. However, the blooms don't last long. Eventually they will start falling down to make way for the new leaves. Spring is such a magical time! Although Summer is my favorite Season, Spring is my second favorite season. How about you?

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