The Designers Chic

Monday, December 22, 2008


Its the Holiday, with it comes the time to think about the greatest gift that i have ever received. The greatest gift i got hands down is the birth of my first born Kaitlyn. She is not only the greatest gift i have ever received but she is also the best gift that i gave to my husband since she was also born on his birthday. Kaitlyn is the greatest gift, the gift of life that i have protected and nourished inside of my body for 40 weeks. Her birth was not only precious, memorable but a miracle in itself. With the miracle of her birth i hope to bestow the gift of C'Elle - the ability to preserve and restore life. With today's technology it is only right that we accept, learn and give the opportunity to preserve, restore and make someones life better. With C'ELLE's technology they have allowed women like me and my sister to harvest what we thought to be waste, our menstrual blood. Now, there is another way to preserve life saving blood without being intrusive and expensive. My sister will be a great candidate for this since our mother has a heart disease and in the near future this could be the way to saving our mother's life, my sister's life and my own. Nothing can beat the gift of life! I have thought about it, have you?

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