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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Do you think we are getting over the recession? Its kind of hard to say with so many people still unemployed, people left homeless and jobless. Not to mention all the business that has been closing worldwide.. Recession is not only effecting big business but small businesses are in more danger. What is promising though is that there are still people who are willing to take a chance on the economy and help stimulate the economy. The problem though is getting unsecured business loans to start a business. Its not easy getting loans more so now with banks and big financial corporation. I am no expert in finances or with the economy but this is just my 5 cents worth on it, lol. If you have a great business idea and think it will succeed, I say go for it!!


Sitting here right now way past midnight. I am coming up blank on what to write. I have been side tracked with something lately and it has been keeping me occupied. You could say its my newest drug and like any junkie I can't seem to have enough, lol. What is it? I guess most of you are going to have to start guessing. I guess I really do have something to write. Just thinking about which blog should I put it on. Does that mean I have to many blogs???????? I guess so!!!

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