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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My first time to join in this meme, so I'm going to make this good,lol.....

Rodliz’s Nest

The first year of being married,hhhhmmmmmm?? I admit it was not easy but it wasn't hard. I had to get use to a lot of things from the country, environment, food, people, language, everything. You could say I was in marital shock. We got married on a snowy, cold and freezing Valentines Day. I not only married my husband but also his little girl. We got married and a few days after found out we were expecting the newest addition. It was another thing being married and pregnant. Our marriage is not perfect but who has a perfect marriage? We have our own faults but one thing I can say is we have never had a full blown fight. Yes we do have misunderstanding but things always get resolved by the end of the day. The one thing I love about my husband is he does not hold grudges,lol. I sometimes get so mad at him even more because he won't hold a grudge and he forgives and forgets. He adores our little girls and dotes on them. A good and loving father and I hope he would just drive me more often to places I want to go and just go shopping with me and keep quiet. I guess thats wishful thinking on my part wanting my man to be patient while shopping,lol.....

In a few more months we will be approaching our 3rd year of blissful marriage. Hopefully and with God's grace we will be together forever..

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