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Monday, November 9, 2009



For the past weeks my hubby has done something great and monumental. He has quit smoking and we are just counting the days. In a couple of days it will be a month since his last puff of cigarette. It has not been easy on him and me. He finally woke up one day and just said he really wants to quit smoking. He saw our family doctor and he got a prescription that helped curve the need to smoke. I am just so proud of my hubby but with him quitting he has to find another vice. Well not entirely a vice just something to take his mind away from smoking. He has bought a new car, a 2004 Jaguar. Before buying the car he consulted me and asked for my opinion. Since he is going to be paying for it with his cigarette money I told him to go for it. He went around and online and looked into a lot of stuff, insurance marketing was one of the many things he looked into. Considering that its going to be our third car he had to find the best insurance coverage we could get at an affordable rate. My husband is an amazing man, he can make anything happen if he puts his mind and effort into it. I'm specially proud of him for taking the initiative to a healthy lifestyle and stop smoking. Should he slip and fail, I will always be here, we will be here to support him.


Winter is the season where most of us are cooped inside the house, we get to eat our most loved comfort food. I am no exception to that, my comfort food includes anything that is sinfully gooey, chocolate, sweet and fat inducing.. Every Winter I gain weight and my excuse would be I need all the energy from the chocolate bars and junk that I eat. I am also hibernating and need a lot of fats!Whoa hibernating? I'm not an animal, I should not be doing that but that is one of my many pathetic excuse. I want to try this season to cut off my excuses dead on its track and start loosing some much needed weight. A friend of mine has been religiously on her diet and she is slowly but steadily reaching her goal weight. Dieting doesn't seem to be working for me anymore, I probably need something like a fat burner to help get rid of my stored fats from last Winter season. Gosh, I really hope I get the will power and determination that she has. I know I am getting heavy, I see that every time I look in the mirror and put on my jeans. But why can't I convince myself to be strong?

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