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Saturday, January 31, 2009


As i was getting ready to do my drops when i noticed that i was not able to log in to entrecard. Now how am i suppose to drop on those who visited my blog? It totally sucks and i hate it, I don't want to complain coz entrecard is great and its free traffic for my blog.


Friday, January 30, 2009


This is Kaitlyn this morning on her potty. I thought we had a potty chair for her but we only got the potty seat. I took that up from the basement yesterday and i wanted to try if Kaitlyn would sit on the toilet and she did. She liked it a lot and would cry when it was time for her to get off. This morning while Kayla was brushing her teeth i decided to put her on the potty chair and see if she would go. I left her there for about 5 minutes but i was not far away i was just outside the door. When i finally went in to check on her she had already done her business and we were so happy. I didn't think she would do it, lol.. Big sister could not resist hugging and kissing Kaitlyn and of course wanted to have a picture taken with her even if Kaitlyn was still on the potty. My baby is growing up and its a bittersweet moment. I don't know if she is too young to be potty trained but I'm going to try. We will get her own potty so she can sit on it whenever she wants without help.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


A couple of friends that i know are expecting an addition to the family. Yen-yen is expecting her second child somewhere around the end of august. She has been such a good friend although we don't see each other we try to keep in touch by Yahoo Messenger. I feel so excited when i know someone is pregnant but i also feel sad at the same time since i really want another baby. Since Yen-yen still doesn't know the sex of her baby as of yet but that wont stop me from getting her a personalized baby gifts . Giving her something personalized is my own way of telling her that i care and her friendship means a lot to me. The neat thing about giving someone a personalized gift is you can have the sex, name, date of birth and any other information embroidered onto the gift itself. Not only that you can also put pictures and design the templates yourself. offers a wide range of products from blankets, bibs, burp clothes to onesies that you can customize. You can pick from a thousands of designs and fonts or you can even choose a professionally designed ready made template that can be customized. Ordering and customizing your designs online is easy with no set up fees, no minimum quantities and fast shipping. Don't just give an expectant mom or a new mom anything, give her a personalized baby gift.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We were not able to go sledding since it rained and turned the powder snow into ice. Kayla didn't have school so i got to sleep in a little bit longer. Kayla was not disappointed the we didn't go sledding as planned, i guess she forgot about it. I took Kaitlyn out front, shoveled the path walk clear of snow so it would not get to hard later on. After that i took both the girls to the back deck and just let them walk around and play. They did play a lot with Kayla trying to break of the hardened snow and cajoling her little sister into running after. They even got to play in the slide with Kayla going first to break of the ice and baby sister following. Kaitlyn just flew past by and flopped on the snow still sitting down. Finally when Daddy was finished putting air on the lawn mower tractor tire he took it out, went to the basement and took the sledding board up. Kayla was already excited when we told her that daddy will pull her behind the lawnmower around the backyard. Both girls were screaming with delight at first but after the second turn Kaitlyn had already enough and started to cry, lol. She was so tired after the escapades we did outside in the snow this morning that she took a very long nap. What we wouldn't do for our kids huh?


Its been over a year and still i marvel at the thought that i am a mother, a parent to a beautiful little girl. Every day seeing the world in my daughter's eyes is still an ongoing learning experience. I look at her and worry about how i can make things better for her. One thing i can do is be there for her and stay healthy as i can so i can see her grow up. Having a mother and sister that has heart problems scares me specially that I'm a mother myself. There is still hope that heart disease can be cured using woman's monthly cycle that is rich in stem cell. Before i had no idea that my monthly cycle could one day save my life, hearing C'Elle Testimonials only reaffirms my belief that this could be right for me, my mother and my sister. I already have a grandmother that died of heart disease and with C'elle my monthly cycle could hold the life saving cure for me and my family one day. Cure and treatment for other potentially major diseases like (MS) Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's could finally be found.With the patented technology and easy to use tool-kit collecting and harvesting life saving stem cell is a piece of cake. With the special time limited offer Order C'elle Now for the special price of only $400 for annual plan ($200 retail savings) and when you order before January 31, 2009 get a bonus limited edition rhinestone engraved satchel (code : CNB200). Do this and your whole family will benefit from it one day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yesterday i posted that Ralph was going to take us sledding. Well, it really didn't snow last night and we both know since we kept checking. I guess it started snowing around 5 am . When we all woke up there was snow but just enough to cover the ground. It snowed steadily for a while and stopped before noon. Tonight it started to snow again and this time we are hoping that there wont be school tomorrow so we can take both girls sledding first thing in the morning. Ralph is hoping that it wont rain since it calls for rain tomorrow and if it does we will never be able to go sledding. If it snows steadily for a while we should have enough snow for a fun filled sledding day tomorrow.


MIL lost her mobile phone once while her other son was in the hospital and she had all her contacts in that phone. She had no way of recovering the phone specially the important contact numbers that she had on there. Now I'll ask you, have you ever lost an item that has valuable amount as well as sentimental value? If you have and you don't want anything like that to happen to you every again think about getting a TrackItBack. Its the world largest and leading recovery service for laptops, mobile phones, keys, luggage, passports and any valuable belongings. TrackItBack is a label that provides costumer a unique Coded ID Label that comes in different shapes and sizes. All a costumer has to do is as easy as registering the unique label ID code online or even on the phone. Having it on your valuable possession insures almost 80% recovery if you ever lost it and the great thing about it is recovery details and return of the lost item is sent to you free of charge. I want Ralph to get one for the whole family so we can keep track of our possession like keys, bags and most specially mobile phones. The TrackItBack is very handy for people who are always on the go, specially for people who love to travel and carry important gadgets, documents with valuable information.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Yahoo we might going sledding tomorrow. Ralph was so excited when he found out that we may be getting about 1-3" of snow. Its suppose to snow tonight as well as tomorrow. He said that if it does snow tonight and we get enough snow we will be out first thing in the morning to take the girls out sledding. I had to make sure that Kayla and Kaitlyn both had snow pants for the outing tomorrow. Ralph then looked at me and asked if i was for a fun snow play. To be honest, i don't know if ill stay out long with them and play in the snow. I'm very excited for Kaitlyn though since this will be her first time ever to have fun in the snow with her daddy and big sister. I wonder how she will react to the feel of the snow on her handS and face and how long she will stay out in the cold,lol....


As soon as winter came i was stuffing myself like crazy, thinking that summer is still months away. My excuses for eating was as lame as saying i was "hybernating" and i was hiding behind my awful sweatshirts and pants. The Holiday that past didnt help as well, with all the delicious food i could not help but eat. So without know it i had gained weight and i feel lousy. Im a mother of a toddler and i dont have time to really go on a daily exercise. Its not just me that gained weight but also Ralph and he has been looking intoEffective Diet Pills that could help him loose the excess weight. Ralph has narrowed down his selection to Metabo Speed that helps burn fats quickly, boost your metabolis, deminish appetite and slim down faster. Before winter ends we will finally be able to loose that excess fat.


Im finally joining in the fun. I have never joined a contest but reading the mechanics of this one
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Im finally joining in the fun. I have never joined a contest but reading the mechanics of this one
changed my mind and i decided to give it a shot and hope for the best. The prizes are just totally
awesome and it would be great if i win any of the prizes. If your interested to join in the fun
head on over to Random Thoughts and get the full mechanics of the contest.
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Dressing up was one of my weakness when i was still single. There is just this feeling of energy and confidence when i dress up and know that i look good.There are only a handful of things that women are fickle about that's jewelries, clothes, bags, make-ups and shoes. In my mom's younger days she use to dress up in style and had matching outfits from her bags, dress and down to her shoes. She must have owned over 50 shoes ranging from different color and designs. Shoes is one of the important accessories that can make or break an outfit your wearing. A great pair of dani black shoes can get you a long way and you can pair it with just about anything. The important thing about buying a shoe is not just the design and how it looks but take into consideration the quality of the shoes and how it feels under your feet. I must admit that i have not really bought a good pair of fashionable shoes in a while but seeing the daniblack collection makes me want to get a good pair of evening shoes. Like this one:

  • with soft sating flower detail
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As a mother of two girls ages 5 and 15 months i have to be on my feet most of the time and with summer not far away getting the right kind of flat shoes is important. Wearing flats has never been my thing but seeing the Bess shoe just made me think about getting it. The shoe not only looks fashionable but looks sturdy enough for wear while running around with kids. Daniblack has fashionable, chic and durability rolled into one with a plus factor of affordability.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Kaitlyn loves to imitate mama all the time. When I'm on the computer doing my blog and checking my e-mail she wants to sit on my lap and bang on the keyboard and play with the mouse. Of course i can do what i have to so i had to find another way. We had an old keyboard and an extra mouse in the basement and i took that and put those things on the table in the playroom. She likes to sit by herself and pretend to be me, and its so funny coz she tries to type and maneuver the mouse as well. She loves following her mama and maybe one day she will be a blogger like mama.


What does most men and woman want in life? LOVE, to find that one special person that you can spend your life with. Finding love today is not that difficult and complicated if you know where to look. People still do dating, blind date from either friends, family or even co-workers. But there is a growing number of people as well that have no time to look and date a lot of people and end up not connecting due to some factors like different interests, backgrounds, goals and such. That is why equestrian cupid is an exclusive online dating community for horse lovers. If you're a horse lover, nature lover, love country lifestyle and would like to meet someone of the same interest, the exclusive online dating community has FREE sign-up for everyone who wishes to find that one perfect match. Sign-up is easy as 1,2,3 and the site offers search profile, chat online, forums,view videos and photos, send winks, create your own circle of friends and read and reply to emails. I'm a parent of two girls and already at there young age i see the passion and love they have for horses and this is the kind of online dating community that will help them find that one man the way their dad and I found each other.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Last night Ralph's brother Larry and his girlfriend Teresa arrived. Larry is applying for the Police Academy, his scheduled physical endurance test was today at 10 a.m. Kaitlyn of course was already sleeping when they got in last night. This morning when we got up Kaitlyn saw her uncle Larry and cried as usual but after about 10-15 min she finally warmed up to her uncle. She even went in his arms and gave him not one but two kisses on the lips. Angelo, Ralph's other brother was also coming down the house today so when Larry got back from his test we decided to eat breakfast out again at iHOP. All in all there was 9 1/2 of us, Kaitlyn being the 1/2. As soon as Angelo and his family got in the house we left immediately for iHOP and the place was jam packed with people. The food was awesome, delicious and portions were ginormous! I was going to take a picture of the food and of us enjoying breakfast out but i didn't think about bringing my bag let alone the camera. But all in all we had a good time and left with a full belly. Kaitlyn got to spend time with Angelo after Larry left since he was always by Kaitlyn's side. Kaitlyn loved the attention both her uncles and everyone else was giving her. If you ever want to eat breakfast out and leave with a full stomach, head on out to iHOP.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Are you expecting and worrying about what to wear when your belly starts to grow? Nowadays with fashion its not difficult to find something that a pregnant or expecting mom can wear. When i was pregnant i didn't have trouble finding clothes as there are so many selections out there. I however would have loved a Baby ParTees Maternity Shirts that i could have worn while out and about. They have high quality shirt materials that just hugs the ever growing belly. They even have Maternity shirts design with crystals to announce the gender of your baby. That would have been a good use to me when i was about 8 months and people kept asking me what I'm having. With the Maternity shirt from BabayParTees you don't have to say anything, they be able to read it loud and clear with intricate beading design. The Maternity shirts are also a neat way of telling family or friends that your expecting. Do you know someone that is getting married? This is an excellent gift idea for the bride to be. They also have shirts for brides or brides to be down to your entourage. Wearing a shirt that beautiful will certainly make a statement for a new bride now, wouldn't that be great? You don't have to say a word since the shirt will say it all for you in style!


Kaitlyn turned 15 months yesterday and boy is she a handful. She gets into everything and its just drives me nuts. As she is growing she is becoming more adventurous, funny, temperamental and without fear. Yesterday Kayla was in the dinning room playing with her laptop while i was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Suddenly i hear Kayla saying that the baby is on the table, I just thought that she was under or by the table but when i got there she was on top of the table sitting facing her sister. I asked Kayla who put baby sister there and said nobody.I asked again who put baby sister on the chair so she could have climbed up the table and again Kayla replied nobody. Kaitlyn climbed on the chair and onto the table all by herself without any help. Now that her legs a bit longer she has been into climbing now and ill have to keep a close eye on her.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Health is an integral part of the way we live our lives. Healthy living is one of the things that we should practice and try to achieve. Trying to be healthy and staying healthy can be hard at times but it can be done. With to days economy in turmoil we cant afford to get sick, we need to be healthy not only for the sake of our children and family but for our own. This are just few of the factors that i think has a big impact on health : food, environment,work,family,money,habits and many more. But did you know that the weather could also affect your health? I just found out that weather can be a big indicator of we will be affected. My mother-in-law can know find out about Arthritis triggers and when a certain flare up will occur. Now she has the time to stop and prevent future flare ups by just checking the weather at MediClim , it is a warning system that takes into account many factors such as the temperature,humidity and the barometric pressure that can affect once health. If you want to know you how you can prevent future flare up such as arthritis, asthma, heart disease or migraine just sign up. Once your signed up you can subscribe to receive e-mails that will alert you to weather conditions that may affect your health.


Tomorrow will be my grandfather's 78th birthday. My mom and sister are still in my hometown since my grandmother's sister was buried just Monday and they decided to wait for my grandfather's birthday before going back home to Cebu. They will be having the famous roasting pig (inasal) for the birthday celebration tomorrow. How i wish i was there to celebrate with my grandfather. My maternal grandparents are so dear and close to my heart. They were the ones who were really there for us when times were tough. The strong hand when we needed discipline, the comforting arms when we needed it and always provided words of wisdom. They may not be rich in material possession like my paternal grandparents but they are more than rich in love, compassion and family. My grandfather is a strong man, he is not afraid to cry, to reach out for help, he is independent, loving and patient. He works his tail off on his lands and i am witness to that. To my grandfather i love you so much and you are my hero.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Pets are one of the many factors that make a house a home. We ourselves have 2 cats, a dog and a guinea pig but was adopted by my BIL. These animals are not just pets but are part of our growing family. They have there own quirky personality but that' s what makes them uniquely different from each other. With pets around we sure do get a kick out of how funny they are at times. Did you know that with your pet pictures you can win as much as $500 big bucks? Its really simple, all you have to do is check out the link above, submit a funny or scary picture of your pet. I myself would not let this pass and entered Ralph's scary cat Oreo. This was funny for me since this cat is usually scared of his own shadow let alone other people but he was actually posing for me, it was like he was saying " i can see you". Who knows this picture may win me big bucks and if i do win ill buy Oreo his very own scratching post so he wont ruin my couch anymore. By the way did you know that the same site that is having this contest also has very informative and helpful tips for homeowners that are having trouble selling. They have about 101 tips to help insure that you are doing all the right things on getting the value out of your homes. Energized Seller is made up of dedicated home seller and real estate professionals. To get tips from the best all you have to do is click on the link provided and you will get all the helpful tips that you need to selling your home.


This was Kayla two summers ago. Looking at this amazes me how much she has grown over the past years. She looked like a baby here compared to now. This at a carnival festivities in the city. She just loved going on that slide and only rode on some of the rides. She is so tan and beautiful here and still is. Our little baby before is now a Manang (big sister) and she is growing more beautiful each day. This was also the picture we provided to the school when she became student of the month when she was still in pre-k.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As a wife of a Police Officer I not only worry about my husbands well being but also the safety of my little girls considering that there daddy carries and brings his service gun at home. I am in constant watch with my girls specially when they are in our bedroom. Hearing stories about children getting shot by father's guns or other children killed due to playing with guns, it not only makes me nervous but fearful for my girls safety. No matter how much you tell kids the danger of guns, they are still kids and will never get the full ramification if they did play or touch a gun. Now that our youngest is at the stage where she has to touch and play with everything we have to make sure that Hubby's Service gun is somewhere safe and out of her reach. Its about time that we start thinking and looking for top of the line Safesthat are out in the market. The thought of storing hubby's gun out of reach and in a Safe makes me breathe easier and more relaxed. The pistol safe by Maximum Security Safe is just about right for our needs which is functional and the firearm can easily be accessed by my husband. In today's world we have to be vigilant and mindful about everything specially if you have kids in the house.


Getting pregnant the first time was easy and quick. When we found out i was pregnant with Kaitlyn it was unexpected but an added blessing. During my pregnancy i got so sick and depressed which made my family here and back home worry. I was so weird while pregnant, i would not look, eat, smell or even touch chicken. There were some commercial on t.v. that would just make me throw up, i guess it was just my hormones running wild. I however craved so much sweets and loved baking that got my sister so surprised since i didn't like cook when i was still single, i knew how to cook but i just didn't want to. The other weird disgusting thing about me when i was pregnant was i didn't like taking a shower or getting wet period, lol. I would go days and almost a week before i could force myself to finally take a shower, the reason being was i was always cold even with a space heater in the bathroom and i felt like i didn't want to be bothered. However i did change my underwear on a daily basis and just washed the most important private parts,lol. I know its disgusting to share but I'm hoping some women out there would share what they found weird when they got pregnant.


Have you ever thought of learning how to cut, color and style men's hair? Well i have, with today's economy my husband has been telling me to learn how to cut hair so we could save the money that he pays the barber when he gets a cut twice a month. Last Christmas while we were at Angelo's house, Aj our 13 yrs old nephew asked me if i could style his hair. This is where how to cut men's hair dvd would come in handy. With teenagers today you have to know what the styles and the colors are. I of course could not do it since i had no idea how to style men's hair let alone a teenage boy. With Ralph however it would be nice if i could get my hands on mens hair cutting dvd and finally be able to cut his own hair and save at the same time. Not only that if i get the professional hair cutting dvd i may be able to earn money on the side by cutting my families and friends hair.

The video below about Metro haircuts, styles and color. The whole DVD collection can be purchased by visiting or my calling this # 1-800-414-2434. The complete set of DVDs can be yours for a reasonable amount of $105 + shipping and handling. That's a small price to pay for learning skills that will earn you money.

Men's Hairstyles

Hair Cutting Videos | Hair Cutting Techniques


Cupcakes, were one of the many food i baked and ate. This particular batch of cupcakes was baked for Kayla's 4th birthday. I colored the frosting so Kayla had a different cupcake every time she would ask for one. Before i got married i just loathed cooking and would grumbled, whine and complain if i was told to cook. When i got married of course i had to impress my husband and show him that i can cook, i was just lazy back home since my sister is such a good cook. Also when i got pregnant i had this urge to bake all the time, it usually comes out great and yummy to. Oh i also made those cupcakes for Kayla to take to school to share with her friends when she was still in pre-kindergarten.


Education is a very important thing that we as a parent can give to our children. Ralph is a staunch believer that children should get educated, not miss school except of emergencies or when they are really sick. Since Kayla has started Kindergarten in September she has not missed any day of school and has the awards every month to prove it. She loves going to school and is striving right before our very eyes. Ralph is usually the one who does the homework with Kayla, he is such a patient and wonderful dad. I for one am not a very patient, good and understanding teacher that is why i try to get out of doing homework, lol... I know, i should and i do when Ralph has no time so Kayla and I do homework. I tell my husband all the time that I'm very very lucky to have married such an intelligent man. Thank God our kids seems to have his brain because mama does not do to well on certain subjects. As of today Kayla has missed school due to the fact that her mother did not meet Ralph yesterday as per the court order. He is deeply upset that Kayla missed school just because her mother is being difficult. We had been on pins and needle waiting for her call where and when Kayla will be dropped off. Finally this afternoon at 2 p.m. she called to ask Ralph to meet at the halfway point. Thank God Kayla will not be missing another day of school tomorrow.

Monday, January 19, 2009


These are just a few of my favorite shows on television, shows that i have been following and will be following. I have not watched some of the episodes but i will try and keep watching the past episodes so i can keep track of whats happening with my shows.
  • CSI Crime Scene Investigation ( CBS ) - I'm a little upset that William Peterson who plays Gil Grissom will be leaving CSI. He was one of the main reason why i got hooked watching this show. He will still be producing the show and will be doing guest appearances. I hope that Laurence Fishbourne will give justice to his Character.
  • CSI NY Crime Scene Investigation New York (CBS ) - Looking forward how Danny and Lindsay's relationship will go with the baby on the way. I also look forward to more of Gary Sinise who plays Det. Mac Taylor.
  • NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service ( CBS ) - My sister got me hooked into watching this show and i am not regretting it. I love all the characters from Jethro Gibbs, DiNozzo, Ziva, Mc Gee, Dir. Vance, Abby and of course Ducky. I'm waiting if DiNozzo will have a relationship with Ziva and McGee with Abby.
  • The MENTALIST ( CBS ) - I must admit i have not been watching the show lately since i always forget to see it but thankfully MIL has been recording it for me. I'll just have to find the time to watch it. I love Simon Baker who plays the character of Patrick Jane and also the other guys.
  • Ghost Whisperer ( CBS ) - Cant wait if Jim will finally remember his previous life and that he was married to Melinda. I still hope they will end up together.
Those are just a few of the shows i love watching on CBS.


Conceiving a child is already a miracle in itself, birth is not just about a new life but a new beginning. Expecting a child is such a joyous moment, where parents take the time to prepare and welcome a new addition to a family. In Today's world we have seen many devastating disease's that have swept the nation, ruining and taking lives of infants, children even adults. With the help of new technology would be parents now have the chance to save the blood cord from their child. Cryo-Cell is the newest innovation of blood cord banking for your newborn. It is the time to Give the Gift of Cryo-Cell to a relative or friend that is expecting a child.

Cord blood is found in the babies umbilical cord, it is found to be rich in stem cells that can be a viable replacement for bone marrow and any other transplant that is found to help cure life threatening disease's such as Leukemia, anemia, cerebral palsy and lymphoma are just a few to name. And with Cryo Cell Internationals Current Offers blood banking can be in every ones reach. They even help make it possible for everyone to be able to afford their services with Payment Options and Financing Plans. As i parent myself i would readily avail these services and this way we will have a safety net when our child gets sick. No other gift can compare to the gift of life, a second chance.


As i was looking through some of my pictures when i was still pregnant i came across these photos when i was 8 months pregnant. We just dropped off Kayla that day to Baltimore and we were going to meet up with a filipina i had befriended online. Neda and Dave lived about 10 min away from where we drop off Kayla. It was the first time that we will meeting and i was so excited. She had bought crabs for dinner since i really wanted it. They were so gracious and hospitable and i had a wonderful time with them. I not only came home with a full stomach but also a couple of Victoria Secret products. Looking at the photos made me miss being pregnant again.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


One of the things that i have been meaning to do with Ralph, Kayla and a few of our nephews and niece is the strategic game of paintball. When i see it on movies it just makes me want to have some adrenaline paintball fun. I just see it not only as a game but a means of outwitting your opponents by way of tactical paintball. About 6 months ago Ralph did a tactical exercise with his fellow police officers using paintball and when he got home we was all fired up. He said it was fun, easy and it lets you dictate the way the games will end. So this summer it is our goal to at least try a game session of paintball fun with Kayla.


Even though the weather was brutal and freezing cold it didn't stop Ralph's older brother Angelo to come down. He had to come since he needed to borrow our chain saw, a tree fell down on his backyard and he needed to cut it up. Kaitlyn didn't cry when she saw her uncle and aunt, it was a start. They only stayed for about an hour since Angelo had to go back in time to drive the school bus. We also had to drive to Maryland and drop off Kayla at the halfway meeting point since this week is her mothers turn to have her. Ralph's other brother Larry also came down, so it was two of her uncles at the same day, lol.. Larry is applying to be a cop and had to go with Ralph for a ride along but he came home early since there was not enough action due to the cold weather. I just hope that Ralph is safe and warm while he is patrolling the streets. Tomorrow Larry said he will take Kaitlyn to breakfast at ihops. We'll so how she will reach to Larry, i hope she wont cry again like at Christmas. That was it for today, I am signing off for the night.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Technology and Internet has brought about new meaning to the word Communication. It seemed like ages that people were still using analog phones and cellular mobile phones were not available then. Times have truly changed and reinvented the way we stay in touch and connect with our family, freinds and the world. In today's fast paced progress we need something we can rely on like a good digital phone service that not only gives voice clarity a new meaning but is also accessible to the people. With economic crisis still looming before us we all need an inexpensive way to make inbound, outbound and international calls. ITP which stands for Internet Telephone Provider provides not only affordability but they also have the same or more features that other expensive phone service providers have to offer. The ability to choose the plans that is best for you and your family is one of the key points of getting there service.

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Yeeeehhhaaaaa cowboy!!!!!! At 14 months Kaitlyn is such a handful, adventurous and a trouble maker. The horsie belonged to her big sister, it was in the basement after Kayla grew out of it. I brought it up to see if Kaitlyn was big enough for it. At first i thought she was to small for the horsie and had to be put on and taken off the horsie by someone. I figured why not teach her how to get on and off so that she didn't have to depend on us if she wants to play cowgirl.I only showed and taught her once and she got it right away. I wasn't able to get a video of her getting on since i didn't have the camera right then and there. But without further delay i present you :


Thursday, January 15, 2009


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yeah you read it right. It looked like Hollywood is not suffering from the economic disaster America is facing. I was watching the Golden Globe red carpet and gasp when i heard how much some gowns costs. I was expecting the starts of Hollywood to tone down the glitz and how they dress up for the red carpet in response to the economic crisis we are having. I think its just downright sinful that they are showing off how expensive their gowns and jewelries are. I know that its part of there job to look good but i guess they can afford to look good by paying for a gown worth $10,000 and up. Its just plain disgusting to me.


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I just got a total blog makeover, an overhaul. I wanted to start the new year with a new look and a more positive outlook in blogging. I got the chance to work with IVY who help make my new look a big success. Let me tell you she is a fast worker, i got a hold of her yesterday morning and my layout was done by evening. Her prices are very affordable and she is very hands on in the installing process and answers readily to question and also takes suggestions.
Due to the new look i have forgotten to save my links but i have been planning to check my blog list since most of the links in my BLOG WORMS were not linking back to me anymore. So please to all of those who linked to me already please leave me a msg with your URL's so i can link back to you..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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Today was spent sticking close to my little tornado maker. We both took a mid-morning nap, she woke up shortly before 12 p.m but for some reason i was so tired and i couldn't make myself wake up on the couch. I just left her playing in the family room with me while i was on the couch and she on the floor. She was trapped in the family room since i made sure that the ottoman blocked her escape to the other rooms in the house. When i finally woke up i had such a big headache and felt miserable. To make matters worse we had a play date with a couple of Kayla's friends. I asked Ralph if we could have it tomorrow since i really didn't feel like it but Kayla has girl scout tomorrow. I just took Tylenol and hoped I'd be better and i was wrong. Until now i still have a throbbing headache and I'm afraid i may be coming down with something, i really hope not. The play date was a success though, the girls had fun i just didn't get a chance to take a picture since i was also busy making dinner. Were planning another one though but i hope it will be at Kelly's house.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have been meaning to thank my top droppers for a long time but i never got a chance to do it. This time since i got my laptop i can finally do it while im upstairs in our bed. Thank you for your continued visits and ec drops. I also want to put your banners on the site of my blog as a thank you but i still havent reallly figured out how to do it,lol. I'll eventually find out how to do it. If any of you can teach me or tell me how to do it please do leave me a msg .. A BIG THANKS AGAIN

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Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is the continuation of my previous post about my mischievous daughter throwing the television remote in the toilet. That happened about 2 days ago and since then we got a new one. No matter how much i dried and keep putting and taking off the batteries the old remote would not work. I should have tried using a hair dryer to dry it off but hey there is only so much i can think,lol. I was a bit upset when i called the cable company and was told that it would take 3-5 business days for someone to come to the house, replace the remote and program it. I was about to start complaining when the customer personnel told me over the phone that if we go to the nearest office they will replace the remote right then and there. Whew! I was relieved to hear that. So now, Kaitlyn is banned from playing with the remote control and is banned from going inside the bathroom with anything in her hands.


One of the basic necessities that an American needs be it single,married, young and old is a car. A car that is reliable, easy on the pocket and for adventurous people a fast one. My brother-in-law needs to get his hands on supercharger to get his grandma mobile running and purring like no other. If Angelo could afford to get a new car he would definitely get a Mercedes and with that he will have to get the mercedes supercharger to get optimum running care of an expensive ride. Since he is on a tight budget its still possible to get a fast ride with the excellent customer service and fantastic pricing. When Angelo gets all of that for his grandma mobile for sure he will be riding like a bat out of hell! Now all he has to do is get his hands on the links above and he can choose from the many products that they are offering. Wouldn't you want to supercharge your ride?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I thought my morning would go off without a hitch, WRONG!!

It started off with Kayla, waking up whining already and just wanting to be with daddy. After eating breakfast, Kayla knows the routine of brushing her teeth in the bathroom. She was their for a long time and when i checked on her she was on the floor playing. I got upset and told Kayla off, while i was doing this Kaitlyn wandered in the bathroom holding the remote control to the television. She was in front of the toilet when i realized what she had in her hand, as soon as she saw me and knew that she was in trouble she immediately threw the remote in the toilet. I thought i could catch but it went down like rock. I had to scoop it up right away before it got very soaked and just wiped it down with Lysol on the outside. The remote is not working as of this time but I'm hoping when it really dries we will be able to use it again. If not then i guess ill just have to call Comcast.

As for Kaitlyn : SHE IS ON TIME OUT!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


As a parent, both Ralph and I are always on the look out for the newest toys in the market. We tend to agree that toys should not only be for amusement but also for learning, to enhance motor skills as well spark the kids imagination. To sum it all up we try to buy fun and educational toys. With our oldest Kayla at 5 years old and in Kindergarten she has a very active mind and imagination. What better way to feed a mind that is like sponge than a Building toys that fosters creativity, learning and imagination. What i love about these new Magnext toys is it provides our child endless chance and ability to create her very own masterpieces and play with it at the same time. This not only enhances her mind but also her motor skills. And we haven't talked about the added benefits that she gets out playing with these toys.
  • Creativity and Imagination - Kayla can create and put into reality what is on her mind and show off her skills in building and creating her own masterpiece.
  • Reasoning and Problem Solving - This will give her a chance to think and learn by trial and error.
  • Focus and Attention - Develop her ability to focus on things in front of her.
  • Fine Motor Skill - It will improve more of her motor skills that involves holding, building and creating
  • Colors and Shapes - It will keep her mind sharp on all the colors, shapes and details of the toy pieces.
  • Organization - It can help her train of thoughts on what her next move is and keeping her toys together.
Those are just a few of the things she could learn out of playing with the Magnext Toys. To better see and read what I'm talking about just go on to the site. I'm sure you will agree with me that this is not only a toy for amusement but also for improving our child's development.


We took Kaitlyn to the her Pediatrician today for a check up to see how well she is responding to the antibiotics given to her due to the double ear infection. We were the first patient to be seen by the doctor which is a good thing since we didnt really have to wait that long. Kaitlyn was good when it was time for the Doctor to check her ear, she just stood there and let her look. The Pediatrician pronounced her good and healthy and told us to keep up with the medicine. Her left ear is not fully healed yet but it looks better. We also got to ask her about option on taking out her tonsils or not. All in all both Ralph and I are glad that she is healthy and back to her old self. She will be going back in 3 weeks for her 15 month check up.


Are you one of those people who always make it a point of sending out holiday cards, greeting cards, anniversary cards to your friends and family? Sadly I'm very bad when it comes to sending out letter or cards. I'm on the receiving end of it and i always feel bad about not reciprocating or sending out greeting cards or invitations. The Holiday that just passed i got a few cards from my friends but all i do is call them to thank them. I have promised myself that i would do more next Holiday season or any chance that i could get. Still its not over and i could still give Cardfish Phone call to a special someone i know, my friend Rhea. For sure she would love a good prank call even though its not April Fools yet. With the Cardfish Phone call i can pick any card and i also get to insert any words that would make my card a one of a kind. This is a great way of surprising or getting someone punked. A more interesting way of getting attention and just being creative. If you want to try out the service for free a discount code "FREE" is available online. Check out this offer while its still available and let your family and friends experience a one of a kind Card.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Last night Kaitlyn had a very high fever of 104.5. She was so hot, we gave her a cool bath to get her fever down. After her bath we were downstairs eating when she suddenly started shivering and her fingertips turned dusky,purplish blue as well as her mouse. She was shivering and i just held her in my arms. I was so worried and wanted to take her to the hospital right then and there but i called my doctor first. They were not worried about that episode she got and suggested i gave her Motrin. It helped and brought her fever down. This morning when she woke up she was fine,cool and happy then after a while she started to get a fever and started shivering again and turning blue. This happen one move time this morning before we decided to bring her to the hospital.Thank God she is fine she just has a bad case of ear infection. Praise Go Almighty for everything..

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