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Monday, January 5, 2009


We took Kaitlyn to the her Pediatrician today for a check up to see how well she is responding to the antibiotics given to her due to the double ear infection. We were the first patient to be seen by the doctor which is a good thing since we didnt really have to wait that long. Kaitlyn was good when it was time for the Doctor to check her ear, she just stood there and let her look. The Pediatrician pronounced her good and healthy and told us to keep up with the medicine. Her left ear is not fully healed yet but it looks better. We also got to ask her about option on taking out her tonsils or not. All in all both Ralph and I are glad that she is healthy and back to her old self. She will be going back in 3 weeks for her 15 month check up.


Madz said...

Hiya there, glad that she was fine! I understand how mothers feel when their little ones are sick!

Anyway, its been quite a while since my last visit, how's things otherwise? Hope you're okay...



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