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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Like most women i dread about getting wrinkles and just plain looking old. Most women like to believe that we can stay young, look young and still retain that youthful glow. Women have gone to some drastic procedures from taking medications, putting creams and even plastic surgery just to have that same youthful look again. Nowadays the most common non-invasive cosmetic surgery is Botox. The Botox injection temporarily paralysis the muscles that we use on our faces daily and help smooth out those wrinkles to create a natural refresh look. The botox courses is a cosmetic surgeons hottest must haves. It is the most comprehensive new DVD that was compiled and made by top Beverly hills surgeon, Dolores Kent M.D. with 20 years experience. Its a instructional video of new techniques, how Botox works, how to store and reconstitute, precautions on injection sites, guidelines of the neck and facial anatomy. The whole Instructional DVD can be purchased at Videoshelf for a reasonable price of $175 plus shipping and handling.

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My red Dell Laptop Computer, now i can get online if someone else is using the desktop computer. I take precious care of Ralph's gift to me that i don't use it all the time, lol. Ralph keeps asking why i don't use my laptop and i would usually reply " i love my laptop that's why I'm not using it, if i didn't love it, i would be using it all the time". He gets confuse and doesn't understand why i don't use it. The other reason is we have wireless router and every time i use the laptop our Internet connection gets out of whack. We keep getting disconnected from the Internet and its such a pain. The only time i use it is when both Ralph and I are upstairs in bed, him watching television and me doing my post. I cant use it all the time since I'm always with the baby and she wants to use it as well. But i love it,lol.. Thank you daddy!!!


One thing that Ralph hates about surfing and browsing on the web is the pop up advertisements. It distracts him and sometimes it just takes over the whole screen and before you know it your in several different sites. Before our computer crashed we were getting a lot of pop-ups and advert displaying programs that ultimately brought the early death of our computer. If your like my husband and just hate those annoying pop-ups you have got to Try Ad Muncher now.Its a newest ad blocker software that blocks ads in almost any browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and many more. When you try the free trial download this is what you will be getting: kills unwanted pop ups, removes advertising in programs, works immediately out of the box, blocks many spyware, adware and dialer installer,filters quickly and reliably, Speeds up loading and protects your privacy. Check it out and download the free trial and you will browse and surf without those annoying pop ups ever again.


This was Kaitlyn at between 6-7 months old. I saw a friend of mine put her grandson in a a plastic tub,it was early summer of last year. It was a good idea for the kids to cool down in the hot sweltering summer weather. We still haven't bought a blow up pool that time for the kids. I had to put warm water in the tub so Kaitlyn wouldn't be cold and got her bath seat so she could sit there without falling. She looks so different here and still baby looking. I miss this times, i wish she would be that small again.


Looking for something specific is getting easier and easier nowadays. We have different social networks that we can search and connect with other people who have the same interest as ours. If your a scuba diver and would like to meet more people with your interest check out - Online Scuba Community, its a social network exclusively for scuba divers and enthusiast. Its the only online scuba community where you can find out the latest news, information about scuba diving. Like other social network the online scuba community offers forums, videos, blogs and many more.

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