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Saturday, January 1, 2011


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It was finally Christmas time and I was excited to put my knitting skills to work. My grandmother had been taking time for years to teach me and I had finally picked up the skill of knitting well enough to knit gifts for others. I had been taught how to make a number of things from scarfs to sweaters and had something special for everyone on my list. I cant wait to see how everyone enjoys the gifts that I made with my own hands for them. I am looking forward to seeing my own hard work finished as well.

My grandmother and I had been knitting together for years, and I loved sitting around with the DirectTV on with one of our favorite shows and knitting together in silence. It was a bonding experience for the both of us and one that I will remember every time I pick up my knitting needles in the future. I cant wait to see my own grandmothers face when I see her open up the finished sweater that I have been working on for her. Her teaching can finally be seen in a finished product of mine.


New Year once again was a successful family gathering at our house. The photo on the left side is 2 out of the 4 meals we prepared for our family. We only had 5 since we tend to overcook which leaves us with a lot of left overs. I made beef stew ( beef caldereta) , mixed veggies, sausage and meatballs, fresh ham and my BIL lasagna. I only cooked 3 out of the 5 meals. It was wonderful today, the weather was nice except for a little rain. Inside our house, the laughter and the story telling was not dampened by the rain outside. All of the Schifano men were in one house. Kaitlyn was all over her Uncle Larry that she hardly sees. She loved the presents (princes shoes,cellphone and a purse with jelweries) he got her. She was wearing them the moment she opened it. Ralph had to work today but he did not miss out on the festivities. My guest didn't start arriving until 2 p.m and by 4:15 Ralph was home from work. We ate to our hearts content. Surprisingly not one of the 24 pack of beers were consumed. They were still experiencing hang overs from welcoming year 2011. We still have left over but by tomorrow evening, it will be all gone. What were your festivities like?


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The unforgettable A Charlie Brown Christmas special has been around for over three decades. The introduction music from the show is now a classic tune that is heard all over the world during Christmas. The lovable characters and story not only give us a great special, it also tells what the true meaning of Christmas is all about.

I eagerly wait for this favorite animated Christmas series of mine to come on my Direct TV Satellite Packages. I truly enjoy this special because the progression not only allows us to see the wonderful characters of the Peanuts comic strip in action, it also shows many of us what the true meaning of Christmas is. We can forget that Christmas isn't all about gifts and the perfect tree. It's not about commercialism and who has the most gifts. It's about the celebration of a great being and also the celebration of love and family.

Whenever me and my husband get stressed about present buying or the holidays we think back to the night we watched the show and remember that none of the materialistic things count. The time spent with our loved ones is the greatest gift that can be bestowed upon us.

A Charlie Brown Christmas special is fun for all ages. It provides great laughs for the children and also deeper meaning for us forgetful adults. That's why every year I sit with my hot chocolate and re-watch this favorite Christmas special of mine.


Happy New Year !

2010 has been more than generous to me and my family. A lot happened in just a year, good, bad and in between. The highlight of my year 2010 was my vacation to my home country Philippines. After 3 years in America, I was finally able to go home for a visit and see my loved ones. It was an experience that I will always treasure. My daughter got to see her maternal Grandmother for the first time as well as her Maternal Great-grandparents. A lot of not so good things did happen to our year. My husband had a cyst removed from his derriere, Kaitlyn got a Tonsillectomy, Ralph was in an accident but those things pale to comparison to all the blessings we have gotten. Everyday is a blessing and I have come to appreciate day to day living.

I have no clue as to what 2011 will bring but we will strive to do more, love more and live life to the fullest. I make no promises this year, I will just do what I can to improve not just our lives but improve myself for the better. Goodbye 2010 and welcome 2011...

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