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Friday, May 28, 2010


Thank God the kids will be inside, no swimming today. It has been so hot that today was actually cool and nice. I don't have to wear my bathing suit top and expose my flabby belly. I really have to work on firming up my stomach so I won't feel to self conscious about my body. I just need motivation to get on the elliptical and stationery bike in the house to start loosing weight. I need some other fitness equipment that targets my stomach and not just my legs, thigh and cardio. Fitness equipments are expensive but if you get refurbished fitness equipment it will same you a lot of money. What I need is something that can help me do crunches and sit ups easy without straining my neck and lower back. I just have to convince Ralph to get me one and actually use it and not just let it sit and collect dust in the basement. One more month and I am off for a vacation. Do you think I still have time to firm up my tummy?


Our neighborhood is awesome. What I love about where we live is the peace and quiet. But the one thing that is love about where we live is its safe for our kids to play outside in the backyard as well as in the front porch. Neighbors watch out for each other and help out when they can. There is only two houses with kids in our street but their will be an addition soon. One neighbor is ready to give birth next month. I haven't seen her lately, probably busy with her friends picking out baby shower invitations.We are hoping that she has a safe delivery. Ralph told me that Ashley's baby has a complication and she will have a C-section due to the baby's bowels developing outside its tummy. I just hope both mom and baby will be alright and I can't wait to pick out cute onesies for the baby, just need to find out about the sex of the baby.

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