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Saturday, January 17, 2009


One of the things that i have been meaning to do with Ralph, Kayla and a few of our nephews and niece is the strategic game of paintball. When i see it on movies it just makes me want to have some adrenaline paintball fun. I just see it not only as a game but a means of outwitting your opponents by way of tactical paintball. About 6 months ago Ralph did a tactical exercise with his fellow police officers using paintball and when he got home we was all fired up. He said it was fun, easy and it lets you dictate the way the games will end. So this summer it is our goal to at least try a game session of paintball fun with Kayla.


Even though the weather was brutal and freezing cold it didn't stop Ralph's older brother Angelo to come down. He had to come since he needed to borrow our chain saw, a tree fell down on his backyard and he needed to cut it up. Kaitlyn didn't cry when she saw her uncle and aunt, it was a start. They only stayed for about an hour since Angelo had to go back in time to drive the school bus. We also had to drive to Maryland and drop off Kayla at the halfway meeting point since this week is her mothers turn to have her. Ralph's other brother Larry also came down, so it was two of her uncles at the same day, lol.. Larry is applying to be a cop and had to go with Ralph for a ride along but he came home early since there was not enough action due to the cold weather. I just hope that Ralph is safe and warm while he is patrolling the streets. Tomorrow Larry said he will take Kaitlyn to breakfast at ihops. We'll so how she will reach to Larry, i hope she wont cry again like at Christmas. That was it for today, I am signing off for the night.

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