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Friday, May 14, 2010

4 OUT OF 6

When we switched from Comcast to Verizon Fios we had to answer a few questions like what kind of package we wanted, the premium channels we prefer and how many TV's we have in the house. When the agent said that both Ralph and I just laughed and told him we have 6 television in the house. He said that one family had 12 working television in their house when he was doing his canvass. Out of 6 we only have a total of 4 HDTV, one in our room, MIL sitting area, kids room and the family room. Having a lot of television reduces the fight over cartoons to watch or movies,the bad side is electricity, lol. The next time we buy a television will either be to replace the one in the playroom or for the guest room upstairs.


Doesn't it feel good when people tell you that your not as big as you think? Most of the time people get surprised when I say I am fat. Like today at the bus stop I said something to Kaitlyn not to touch my belly fat and all of the parents that were there said " what fat? we only wish we were as small as you?". With those words it made me feel that I should not worry about how I look so much. I promised that I was going to start my strict diet and exercise this month but its all out of the window. Food is just not something I can deny myself, food runs through my veins. With that said I am really looking into trying any fat burning products in the market. I know that a lot of fat burners are out there like the apidexin, I still have to do my research if it is the right one for me. I should try taking some fat burners soon before my upcoming trip.


We all know on Mother's day our kids make something special just for us moms. Last week, Kayla came home from school with this fake potted flower. I didn't see it right away since Ralph was the one who picked up Kayla at the bus stop. She just came over to me, gave me a big hug and gave me the flowers. I got teary eyed when I saw what the message was, It said " I LOVE YOU MOM!".

Before Ralph let Kayla give me the flowers he asked her who is she giving the flowers to, is it for her mommy of for me. Then she replied its for "mama" daddy. For those who don't know, Kayla is my stepdaughter. Every time she comes home from school and brings something that is for a mother Ralph makes sure to ask her if its for me or for her real mom. She is always very clear on what she makes for me and what she makes for her mom. It makes me smile that Kayla thinks of me also as a mom and not just a stepmother. I am not trying to replace her mom and I will never be able to replace her mom. To my oldest daughter Kayla:

Thank you manang for loving me and appreciating what I do for you and your sister. I love Manang!

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