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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Pets are one of the many factors that make a house a home. We ourselves have 2 cats, a dog and a guinea pig but was adopted by my BIL. These animals are not just pets but are part of our growing family. They have there own quirky personality but that' s what makes them uniquely different from each other. With pets around we sure do get a kick out of how funny they are at times. Did you know that with your pet pictures you can win as much as $500 big bucks? Its really simple, all you have to do is check out the link above, submit a funny or scary picture of your pet. I myself would not let this pass and entered Ralph's scary cat Oreo. This was funny for me since this cat is usually scared of his own shadow let alone other people but he was actually posing for me, it was like he was saying " i can see you". Who knows this picture may win me big bucks and if i do win ill buy Oreo his very own scratching post so he wont ruin my couch anymore. By the way did you know that the same site that is having this contest also has very informative and helpful tips for homeowners that are having trouble selling. They have about 101 tips to help insure that you are doing all the right things on getting the value out of your homes. Energized Seller is made up of dedicated home seller and real estate professionals. To get tips from the best all you have to do is click on the link provided and you will get all the helpful tips that you need to selling your home.


This was Kayla two summers ago. Looking at this amazes me how much she has grown over the past years. She looked like a baby here compared to now. This at a carnival festivities in the city. She just loved going on that slide and only rode on some of the rides. She is so tan and beautiful here and still is. Our little baby before is now a Manang (big sister) and she is growing more beautiful each day. This was also the picture we provided to the school when she became student of the month when she was still in pre-k.

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