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Thursday, December 2, 2010


The countdown begins to Christmas. Less than 3 more weeks to get ready for the biggest holiday of the year. The kids are going to have their winter break is which two weeks long, lol. I bet some families are thinking of traveling and spending the holidays in different places. What I am looking forward to is the summer break where its longer. We haven't decided yet were to go next Summer but its important to get the best travel deals to get our money's worth. We promised Kayla last year that we will think about going to Disneyland on the Summer of 2011. Ralph is in charge of planning the places we want to go and see and I will be in charge of packing. I think I got the short end of the stick but It doesn't matter though, lol. We will find out when we get the Tax money next year, and after our projects have been taken cared of. I'm not worried if we may not be able to go next year, Disneyland will still be there.


The day after Thanksgiving was a day I don't want a repeat of. My BIL came down and decided to surprise us with a visit. I had not eaten anything the whole morning and decided to eat about 6 pieces of clementines. After about 30 minutes I was nauseous and had stomach pain. I thought it was just hyper acidity and took some tums. That did not help at all, by late afternoon I was in so much pain. The pain I felt was from my lower abdomen that went through my lower back and down to the back of my thigh. I could barely stand straight let alone walk. I spent the whole afternoon drifting in and out of sleep on the couch. Kaitlyn got so worried about me and would keep asking how I was feeling. Thankfully my MIL kept a watch on Kaitlyn in her room. By 7 p.m I just had about enough and brought Kaitlyn with me up in bed. I just laid down in bed and tried not to move so I would be pain free, turned on the t.v for Kaitlyn and just told her to lay down with me. I must have drifted off coz the next think I knew Ralph was calling me. To my surprise Kaitlyn was already fast asleep beside me. The next day was a little bit better but I still felt pain but at least it wasn't as bad. By Monday I called the doctor first thing in the morning and got an appointment the very same day. As for the result, I'll write about that some other time. I still need to find out more.

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