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Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is the continuation of my previous post about my mischievous daughter throwing the television remote in the toilet. That happened about 2 days ago and since then we got a new one. No matter how much i dried and keep putting and taking off the batteries the old remote would not work. I should have tried using a hair dryer to dry it off but hey there is only so much i can think,lol. I was a bit upset when i called the cable company and was told that it would take 3-5 business days for someone to come to the house, replace the remote and program it. I was about to start complaining when the customer personnel told me over the phone that if we go to the nearest office they will replace the remote right then and there. Whew! I was relieved to hear that. So now, Kaitlyn is banned from playing with the remote control and is banned from going inside the bathroom with anything in her hands.


One of the basic necessities that an American needs be it single,married, young and old is a car. A car that is reliable, easy on the pocket and for adventurous people a fast one. My brother-in-law needs to get his hands on supercharger to get his grandma mobile running and purring like no other. If Angelo could afford to get a new car he would definitely get a Mercedes and with that he will have to get the mercedes supercharger to get optimum running care of an expensive ride. Since he is on a tight budget its still possible to get a fast ride with the excellent customer service and fantastic pricing. When Angelo gets all of that for his grandma mobile for sure he will be riding like a bat out of hell! Now all he has to do is get his hands on the links above and he can choose from the many products that they are offering. Wouldn't you want to supercharge your ride?

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