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Monday, January 10, 2011


One of our projects for 2011 is to buy some affordable and elegant light fixtures. The home lighting in our house is not bad but it needs an upgrade so it will look more modern. And not only that, the living room/playroom has no light fixtures at all. We are currently using a lamp that serves as a light in the playroom. I feel like our house needs more lights and fixtures. I don't know how Ralph could have missed not telling the Realtor about it before he got the house. Not only does the living room/playroom need light fixtures it also needs a fresh coat of paint. We painted the house last spring but we didn't not include it seeing that the playroom will only be temporary. I would really love to paint the playroom bright colors for the kids. We will have to see come Spring and see what we can afford to do in the house.


Our computer has reached past its one year marker, lol.. I hope I din't jinx it by celebrating early. For the past 2 years we have been struck my the dilemma of having to replace our computer every year due unforeseen circumstances ( computer virus ). If within 3 months our computer doesn't choke and die on us, we will still be needing a new lcd monitor as the one we have is kinda old. If we can afford it I'd like to get one that has a bigger screen with a built in speaker. Something like the new lcd monitor that my MIL got about 6-8 months ago.Cross my fingers that our computer won't crash on us, if it does let it happen after tax return, lol.


One of the person that left a great impact in my life is my grandma. Growing up we fought like cats and dogs, I hated her with a passion. Everything I did was all wrong or I would do things wrong just to annoy her. My mom was torn between me and my grandma, me as her daughter and my grandma as her mother. I don't know when I started understanding my grandma. I think it was when I was in college and would spent summer in our hometown. We got so close and I really understand and love her now more than ever. That is why when I saw the news about an Omaha couple who chose to have their wedding at a nursing home so her grandmother could see her walk down the aisle really touched me. It was indeed a granddaughters gift to grandma, one that she really values. I would do the same thing for my grandma in a heartbeat. She is the glue that holds our whole family together. She is strong but compassionate, her words may sting but with reason behind it, she is one of a kind. I miss her so much and I was so glad to see her when I went home last July, 2010. It will be another 3 years before I can go home again but she will be in my heart forever.


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