The Designers Chic

Monday, April 20, 2009


Her pink little sandals. We got that at Walmart and every where we go people always say her shoes look so cute on her and ask where we got it. As you can see Kaitlyn doesn't have the nicest nails around,lol.. MIL and I always talk how ugly her toes are. Its just her nails are growing upwards and its just hard to trim and make it even. Still she has cute little toes and it amazes me how fast they grow, she is between size 4-5. She only gets a max of two shoes since she is still growing and it would be such a waste to buy her more and she wont be able to wear them a lot. This one she has almost worn out, she loves wearing this since she can run around in them, jump and climb.In another week or two she will probably outgrow this.

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