The Designers Chic

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I thought my morning would go off without a hitch, WRONG!!

It started off with Kayla, waking up whining already and just wanting to be with daddy. After eating breakfast, Kayla knows the routine of brushing her teeth in the bathroom. She was their for a long time and when i checked on her she was on the floor playing. I got upset and told Kayla off, while i was doing this Kaitlyn wandered in the bathroom holding the remote control to the television. She was in front of the toilet when i realized what she had in her hand, as soon as she saw me and knew that she was in trouble she immediately threw the remote in the toilet. I thought i could catch but it went down like rock. I had to scoop it up right away before it got very soaked and just wiped it down with Lysol on the outside. The remote is not working as of this time but I'm hoping when it really dries we will be able to use it again. If not then i guess ill just have to call Comcast.

As for Kaitlyn : SHE IS ON TIME OUT!!!!

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