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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Christmas shopping time and i still haven't bought anything for my nieces and nephews. . It's important that you get them something that they love to wear and show there friends. You would think its better to buy gifts for smaller children but its not.Teenagers are hard to please but if you pay attention to what they hear, listen and watch you get a clear idea of what to get them. Last Christmas we didn't get any of his niece and nephew anything and this time i want to make sure i get them something that they will surely like.Ralph's niece Kristen is 16 and would want something like For Camp Rock Fans-Jonas Brothers. She loved the movie Camp Rock and watched it with her friends so its just fitting that I get her something that she will love. For parents, uncles, aunts and relatives you don't have to fret if you have teenage boys. There is a Large selection of Jonas Brothers Stuff that you can choose from. The items ranges from clothes like hoodie sweaters or jackets, shirts,posters, hats,umbrellas, bags and many more cool stuff. Worried about the cost? Don't be, since all the items are of reasonable prices that wont surely hurt your budget. All this items can be found at your favorite stores but why go out when you can select any item right at your own house via online shopping.I'm pretty sure that they will think your cool for having thought of it. Christmas shopping has never been easier this year.


Kaitlyn is already 13 months old and she is a handful. She gets into her little mischief mood and would just make a mess of the whole playroom and the family room. She would take out all her toys and throw it around, open my cabinet containing all plastic bowl Tupperware and just scatter them around the kitchen. One minute she is with you the next you cant find her. Its when she is so quiet that we worry coz we know she is doing something. And i caught her in one of her in the act of getting into the cabinet full of pots and pans. This was morning of Thanksgiving before everyone arrived at the house and mom and I were busy getting things in order. Both mom and I took a break and watched a little t.v and sat down in the family room when i noticed that Kaitlyn was missing and was so quiet. I knew she was doing something so i went on a hunt to look for her and behold, i caught her in the act trying to get into the pots and pan cabinet. She has a surprised guilty look about her face. My little trouble maker!


I went to the Christiana Mall for the first time ever. I didn't get to go yesterdays black Friday since i had family visiting and we got so tired and full from eating. They left late yesterday and i miss them already. Kaitlyn has been a little under the weather lately and yesterday she had a slight fever which we blame on maybe her teeth coming out. This morning she still had a slight fever so she didn't come with me since MIL volunteered to watch her. They dropped me off at the mall shortly before 12 noon. MIL told me to take my time and just look around and make sure i buy something for myself. I had hubby's card but i didn't go ballistic and just buy anything i want. After 3 hrs. I finally called MIL and i heard the baby crying in the background and so cranky, i told her to pick me up at the same place they dropped me off. When i go in the car MIL was a little bit peeved why i only bought 3 items,hehehe.. She wanted me to buy stuff for myself and not worry about the cost for once. I told her i didn't want to spend to much and go overboard but i did buy a dress for me, shoes for Kayla and jumper snowsuit for Kaitlyn. I felt guilty though coz Kaitlyn was running a high fever when we got home. Her fever spiked up to 102.6 her face was so flushed and her eyes watery. Thank God she is doing much better now, ill have to keep a close eye on her tonight and keep checking her temperature.


The Roasted Pig is often seen in Filipino gatherings or party back home in the Philippines and even here abroad. If there is a filipino there will always be Roasted Pig or what we bisaya call " inasal " tagalog call " lechon ". I missed the lechon so bad the first time i came here. Luckily i go invited to one of my friends party. They had "inasal" and my did i eat like a pig, pardon the pun. The crisp outer skin of the pig dipped in vinegar with chopped onions and garlic. The rib is the best part and the tastiest of all. The left over meats,and skins can be cooked again this time with vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, a little soy sauce and oil. Makes me hungry thinking about it.Im off to the kitchen for now, ill be eating the rest of the Thanksgiving dinner.

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