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Friday, September 5, 2008


I just couldnt resist sharing what happened today. For some reason my capacity to remember things have gone to average to brain mush. Remembering even the slightest and the most recent of things is hard for me. I attribute it to having a child,lol... However,my memory lapse have gone from funny to bad.

The funny : was on the phone with husband and checking up on him and how work was going. Husband asked how the baby was and what i was doing,then he said that he needed me to wake him up at 11 tomorrow as he needs to do some overtime. I of course said yes but told him to wait and ill put it in my mobile phone alarm so i wouldnt forget.. Told him to wait a sec as i had to look for my phone. Looking and bending over i did,i reached for the house phone to call my cellphone when i suddenly realize i was talking to him on the mobile phone!what a laugh.

The bad : I forget to do things like unplug the pool filter,leave the faucet running. but thank goodness it has never come to the point that i forget to feed my girls, MIL jokes with me saying "your too young to go senile"

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