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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yesterday the girls got more presents from their Uncle Larry. He got Kaitlyn a big stuffed bear which is bigger than her, a Zhu-zhu pet, Spongebob soap bar, a clothe tiara, mirror and a wand.. She got so shy when she saw the big bear but she did gave her uncle and aunt a big hug and a kiss. We all converged in the kitchen while we caught up with everyone, as if we haven't seen each other for ages,lol.. My niece said that our kitchen faucet looks weird but nice, she has never seen a faucet like ours before. I told her it looks unique, simple and elegant. She said it looked like something from Kohler faucets line. When our faucet is compared to Kohler it must mean it looks elegant. They also mentioned that our kitchen floor looks very nice and according to my BIL it made the KITCHEN. I'm just glad I got a kitchen to cook, wash from the holidays.


Christmas is over and the New Year is coming. We don't have plans for the New Year since Ralph will be working the midnight shift,It means we will be ourselves. There are times that I get paranoid when we are left alone. It's those times that I really wish we had some sort of a wireless security systems in our house. Thankfully we are in a pretty safe development and I have not heard any break-ins or anything. It still pays to be careful and vigilant so thats why I always make sure the doors and windows are all locked before going to bed. At least when Ralph comes home on the January 1st we will all be here in the house.It comforts me about the thought of just being together on that day. I wish I was back home to celebrate it with a loud bang, maybe I will be able to....

Friday, December 25, 2009


In a few hours Christmas will have come to pass paving the way for the New Year. This year I got more into the spirit of Christmas, its all because of my kids. I'm am looking forward to the next year and await what it has in store for all of us. Hopefully my trip going back home will push trough since I have been wanting to go home for a visit for almost 3 years now. I am scared of traveling since I will have my 2 year old daughter with me. MIL wants to come since she worries about me traveling alone with the baby and she also wants to see my home country. She worries about how big the airports are. I remember the first time I arrived here I was in culture shock.. Everything was all so new, shiny , different and big to me. The airports was a little bit scary when they are huge,lol. Makes me wonder how many philadelphia airport jobs are filled in or vacant. With the recession still looming over our heads like rain clouds I hope that the economy will turn around for the better in 2010. I'm crossing my fingers will hope and pray that will everything will go smoothly for my trip back home next year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

CHRISTMAS 2009 myspace graphic comments



Monday, December 21, 2009


Every Christmas it has been tradition for many kids here in America to be able to see and sit on Santa Claus's lap and have pictures taken at the mall. With that said we took both the girls last Tuesday to Christiana Mall for see Santa. I was so excited since this will be the second year that Kaitlyn gets to see Santa. We also wanted to see if she gets scared of Santa. We dressed them up in their Christmas finery and head on to the Mall.
Thankfully there was not a long line so we didn't have to wait long. It seemed that I was going to get my wish to have another Christmas photo of the girls with Santa. How quickly it changed, Kaitlyn got terrified of Santa and screamed bloody murder when I tried to put her on Santa Clause's knee. She clung to me with vice like grip and would not even look at him. No matter how I coaxed her into cooperating she had other thoughts. I was sad but I didn't force the issue since there will still be other Christmas. Kayla on the other hand was a pro. She was so excited to see Santa and just hopped on his lap and smiled for the camera. She asked him for toys and other stuff but I really didn't get to hear coz I was trying to comfort her little sister. After that we had dinner at the food court and took the kids to the fountain.

It was a good thing that I brought about two handfuls of pennies for the girls to throw in the fountain. Even though Kaitlyn didn't get her photo with Santa we still had a wonderful time at Christiana Mall. Hopefully next year she will be brave enough to sit on the big guys lap.


The year is almost coming to an end and with that we count all our blessings. We pretty much had a smooth year and we have just been blessed. Sure we have had rough patches here and there but who hasn't? This year is very special to Ralph nephew since he became a father last August. Andrew has come a long way from being an addict to now being a responsible father. Getting the help he needed by drug rehab made him realize that he has to pick up the pieces of his life and start anew. Its always a joy to see your loved ones overcome adversaries and come out as the winner. Hopefully the coming new year will be more fruitful for his family as well as for all of us.

Friday, December 18, 2009


mommy moments

Once again its that time of the week where we get to showcase our favorite mommy moments with our kiddos. Every single day something happens that I treasure and it will be forever in my heart. Today, I we were at the Chiropractor and while the the doctor was adjusting me Kaitlyn was following his move. She would get almost on top of me and put her arms around me while I was on the table being adjusted and imitate what he was doing with matching sound effect (uummmggghh). I just cracked up laughing coz she was just so darn cute even the other patients that were their were smiling and the people who work there. The doctor even said that he would like to take a video of Kaitlyn doing it the next time.
my birthday at BIL house.

Kaitlyn is a handful and at her age she is very very independent, she wants to do stuff on her own and if you try to help her she will get very very upset. My oldest daughter Kayla also cracked me up when she tries to talk to you in a big girl was and say big words that she has a hard time saying. I'm not a perfect mother but I try to be a good mother nonetheless. For more of Mommy Moments click on the badge and it will take you to other mommies with interesting and heartfelt stories.

my girls sleeping together in Kaitlyn's old room, it was on the floor, lol

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Pets are not only animals they we take care of, they are part of our family. Last week we had such a big scare, Smokey my MIL grey cat got so ill. Smokey is a big fat cat with a leave me alone personality. Last week MIL noticed that he was struggling to breathe and was just laying down and not move for long hours. She got so emotional thinking that he may die anytime soon. He did not eat for about 4 days and he lost a lot of weight. I took the photo here at night when Smokey was still so sick. Sunny our dog with his E-collar still on felt the need to comfort Smokey. Normally Sunny could not get near Smokey for he would sneer and attack him but this night he was so sick that he just laid down on the floor for the longest time. Sunny saw him and just laid down beside him. He refuses to leave him alone and by the look on his eyes you could tell that Sunny was really concerned about the Alpha Cat in the family. Usually at night when its just me and him, he would follow me around in every room I would go into but on this night he just laid down with Smokey. That got me so scared that maybe Smokey was going to die that night. Isn't it surprising how even animals feels compassion and concern? I realized right then and there that Sunny is indeed the perfect dog for our family. As for Smokey he may be mean and ornery sometimes but Kaitlyn loves him to death and adores him. He would have been missed had he died... Thankfully Smokey overcame whatever he was feeling and he is almost back to his normal self. I guess it also means Sunny can no longer snuggle up to him,lol... I'm just happy that our family pets are all okay.

Friday, December 11, 2009


mommy moments

My first time to join Mommy Moments every Friday. Since this is my first time I included the first time I held my first born in my arms. Well it was actually the second time coz the first time I held her she was all bloody, this was taken after she was cleaned up a little bit. I could not stop crying, I felt so much joy and love at the same time. I could not understand how I felt instant love to this little human being in my arms. That was an awesome experience and one that I would like to happen again, I want another baby.

My first born Kaitlyn in my arms.
With my two girls helping me blow birthday cake.

With our eldest Kayla at Sesame Place this past Summer.

With my lil bruiser Kaitlyn

The joy and pain of raising a child is part of motherhood. A job that is both fulfilling and scary at the same time. Fulfilling when you see how your children develop and change right before your eyes, Scared for what their future might bring them. As a parent you only want what is best of your kids. I never did understand that until I became a mom. My kids are the air that I breathe, they bring spring to my step, smile on my lips, sparkle in my eyes but most of all they bring joy and happiness in my heart... For more of Mommy Moments click on the badge and read some of the greatest stories from mothers all over the world..

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Our baby boy Sunny with his E collar on. He got neutered last Monday, November 30th. He stayed at the ASPCA overnight and Ralph picked him up the next day. I felt so bad for our little goof ball.

Neutering is the removal of the reproductive organ of male animals and is commonly referred to as the de-sexing of male animals removing the testicles. Its advised to have dogs fixed before they turn 6months.

Hopefully he will calm down a lot so we can take him outside for a walk. I tried bringing him to the bus stop one time and it was a huge mistake. A mistake that I almost paid with a dislocated shoulder or arm. Sunny's E collar was so worn by the time we finally took it off. He bumped into anything and everything. Kaitlyn got the worse of it coz she constantly gets knocked down by Sunny for the reason that he could not see. The E collar was suppose to be on for 2 weeks but we have had enough of being bruised and injured by it that we cave in and took it off. Of course we also made sure that his incision was all healed. Sunny is cone free and he is doing just fine...

Monday, December 7, 2009


Saturday we got our first ever snow for this Winter season. It rained the whole day and by afternoon it started to snow. It was still a mix of snow and rain so the snow didn't really get a chance to stick to the ground. Kaitlyn was so excited to see the snow and wanted so bad to get out. Even if it was freezing cold I had to oblige when she gave me one of her goofy smile and said " I'm a go out mama,peeeessss?". She was in her nightgown so I just put her jacket on and threw her blanket over her legs and we went outside. We just stood by the porch and watched the snow while it was falling. After a long nap we woke up to our front yard and back covered in snow, it was still falling. But I knew that It was going to stop soon. I'm excited for my kids but I am so miserable for me. Luckily I have a very long warm coat to keep me warm when I walk and pick up Kayla at the bus stop. Its getting colder and colder and according to the farmers almanac this is going to be the coldest winter yet in 10 years for my place.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

DenTek Product Review

This is a product review for DenTek.

Ever since I was young I loved to floss. I hated getting food get caught in between my teeth. Back then I had no idea that a floss existed to I used thread before which was very very rough on my gum and made it bleed. Today, I have floss in every bathroom in our house and I even carry one in my bag. What I really liked about DenTek complete clean floss is that it doesn't get fuzzy coz it does not get snagged on the teeth. It reaches in between the teeth and its gentle on my gums. I have been trying this product ever since Thanksgiving and not once have my gums bleed. I even used the floss on my two year old daughter since I felt it would be gentler on her baby gums and teeth.The packages is great, its compact and see through. Like I expressed in my video I just hope they put more pepper mint or mint flavor in the floss itself. I have replaced the regular brand of floss that I carry in my bag and as soon I finish off all my old floss I'm getting this brand from now on.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


We all know that part of starting a family is the thought of how to share and tell your loved ones about the exciting news that you are having a baby. When we found out we were expecting we told everybody right away. There is just something about sharing the news that your having a baby. For expectant moms we start to plan and imagine what the baby's sex is going to be and what he/she will look like. Last year I had so many friends that got pregnant and had there babies this year. All of those first time and not so first time moms still had a blast when it was time for the baby shower. Of course a baby shower should also be special and a lot of thought should be put into the baby shower invitations that will be sent out to family and friends. I have never been to a baby shower before and would love to get an invite (hint, hint). I would also love to surprise someone with a baby shower party. I never had that for myself since I really didn't have any close friends nearby but still instead of giving me presents for my 29th birthday some of my family and friends gave me baby stuff instead.


I guess almost everybody has a weight issue one way or the other. On my part I actually thought I would never have a problem about gaining weight. You see, before the age of 23 I was skinny as a beanpole. I ate like a horse but for some reason I just didn't put on weight. Going on a vacation at my grandmothers when I was 23 yrs old kind of set it all off. After that age it went uphill, lol. It wasn't as bed before I got married and had a baby but now, Its a different story altogether. Just yesterday I was so disgusted with how much weight I have gained over the past years that I have been here in the U.S. It's not far from my mind looking for a weight loss diet pill that really works and is safe. I am really going to look around for something to help me up or give me a boost to start loosing weight.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My apologies for not greeting everybody a Happy Thanksgiving.. As the saying goes " better late than never", so here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving.

This year's Thanksgiving was hosted by my BIL Larry. We left bright and early at the house and headed to New Jersey. My BIL did almost all of the cooking and I was really impress. The turkey came out so tender and juicy, Larry even made some pork pot roast for me in case I didn't like the turkey. He even made sure he had rice for me to cook when we get there. It was just Larry and his two boys since his only daughter Kristen had to work on Thanksgiving day. Thankfully my kids behaved and it went without a hitch! I didn't get to take much picture though since we were all hungry and I was busy getting the kids on the table and preparing their food. All in all it was a great Thanksgiving and it filled us up right to the neck...

Our girls with Uncle Larry's dog.Kaitlyn with Cosmo and Kayla with Taylor

As you can see everybody is already relaxed because they were already full to the brim.

A shot at MIL who looks on proudly at her son's.

Time to sit down and relax

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