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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Remembering childhood experiences when your older makes it more interesting and much more fun. As I got older my childhood memories seemed vague and unclear. I would only remember snippets and flashes of some of my most unforgettable happy moments when I was really young. After I had my daughter my memory has been kind of rusty, I still haven't recovered from pregnancy brain,lol...Its funny though when you have kids its like deja vu, you suddenly remember things with so much clarity and strong emotions with it. Last week before Kayla returned to her mommy she experienced her first bee sting. My poor big princess cried so much, it was mostly from fear than anything else. She got sting on the foot and would not let us touch her foot let along get the stinger. As rummaged through my huge handbag I finally found what I needed, a tweezers. As I brandished my trusted tweezers for all to see my big princess howl and cried with pain. I would not allow myself to fail, even with the crying I was focused on getting out that stinger. Her crying was all for nothing for she did not even feel when I took the stinger out. A spongebob band aid was her reward and a gum....

I remember those days when we play among the bees in my grandmothers garden. She kind of adopted the bees and let them stay in blooming flowery green garden. When the bees would come out we would run around and play as if it was nothing. I did get stung by a bee but only once. It was as if the bees knew who we were. I miss those days playing with my cousins with just about anything and nothing. Flowers and plants got ambushed by a bunch of kids that wanted to experiment on what fun things they could do with it. We did not destroy any plant though for we knew my grandmother loved them.

With my girls, I'm reliving my childhood everyday through their eyes and let me just say what a fun experience it is...

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