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Sunday, December 7, 2008


It was just August of this year when i joined and tried my hand at blogging. I tell you, i had no clue as to what i was going to do. It was times like that, that i wished i was a geek, computer savvy or a genius. Its frustrating starting or doing something that you clearly have no idea about. All i wanted to do was start a blog and just create my own masterpiece in the world wide web, wrong! I needed find out a good hosting site and i did find one. Now that i know a little bit more than when i started i would recommend that new blogger like me weather your blogging for business, advertising or just personal take a few moment to find a webhost that will fit and answer all your needs. Sure there are more than a dozen web hosting sites out that lures and gives out promises but never deliver. This is where webhostingeeks can help you out. The site not only provides you with the best web hosting sites but it also gives you an idea of how it works and best of all you can read the reviews for yourself and compare the biggest and the most popular hosting sites in the web. You want to learn more? Just see for yourself,check them out and be a part of the smart geeks on the web.


I hate to admit it but my family and friends are right, i have let myself go. I use to be this sexy young hip beautiful lady back home. I guess that was also one of the reason i caught husbands attention. I loved wearing short shorts, mini skirts and just look beautiful. I looked like a woman of the world and i looked like a party goer, i was never one of those. I did dress sexy but i was different, i was conservative in a way. I loved flirting but only up to that, if i see a guy really pursuing me i stop and just shy away. My mother calls me a tease,lol. Now, i feel just like a blob! I wear matching sweats and pants, i don't comb my hair, in short i look like the typical frumpy wife! Hubby bless his soul has never complained about my appearance but i know in his heart he wants his sexy wife back. I have been told my family that i should wake up and start looking for the old me back. I'm starting to work on that and its going to take time but ill get there soon.

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