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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Photo below was taken a couple of days after Valentines. Ralph came home from his doctors appointment and took both Kaitlyn and I on a date to IHOP. We always love to hop for IHOP. Even though Kaitlyn and I already ate breakfast we couldn't very well pass of the chance to go out and be with daddy. Ralph had some steak, eggs and pancakes while I ordered the chicken ceasar that was way way way too much.By the time we left I was so stuffed and didn't even eat dinner that night. I only had a bit of snack here and there.

The mother and daughter tandem, big sister was missing since she was in school. Don't we look cute together?

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Our 3rd year wedding anniversary was spent with our kids plus two,lol. Our friend was in a bind and needed someone to watch her kids. She knew that Valentines was our anniversary but she has no one else to watch her kids. I told her we would just take them. Besides they would have a blast here at the house. It was a chore though putting 4 kids in the car,hahaha. Kaitlyn cried her head off since she all the three other kids were sitting on the back while she had to sit in her carseat. What a bad start but she eventually settle down and was fine after that. We head off to our favorite Chinese Buffet and the kids were so behaved. It was just a simple celebration to mark our third year.

Picture was taken inside the restaurant in front of the fountain with fish. See the thumbs up? They were so happy and had so much ice cream to eat. I was so stuffed up to my neck with all the yummy food that was on display. How did you guys celebrate the day of hearts?

Friday, February 19, 2010


Waaa waaaa waahhh... Tiger is so Pathetic! Everything about his press conference was a joke and scripted. If you are really sorry you could have at least say it in his own words without reading his line, script whatever you may want to call it. I could only stomach watching a few minutes of his video since it felt like he was giving a speech to a bunch of kids, lol...Tiger you wanna know why you did all those stupid and irresponsible things? Its located between your legs, your dick should be on your forehead instead! Tiger is only doing this because he is loosing money and he is loosing his image, no he already lost it! Booo to you Tiger and what a waste of talent!!

Click here if you want to watch his so called sorry press conference.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Have I shared that my BIL is applying for a new job? This time it will be for a public bus company in Wilmington City. Ralph took him there last week so he could fill up an application or something. Looking for jobs is really hard, its a slim picking out there. A lot of vultures (jobless people) are out flying up in the air looking for the big chunk of meat. The waiting and anticipation adds to the stress of not having work to support oneself. I always wonder why it takes so long for companies to get back to you. Ralph then said that its important that these company that are hiring have everything checked out like work experience, criminal records and even international background check. My BIL that applied to be a Police Officer had gone thru a lot of process identical to what I just mentiones. I guess its the companies way of justifying why you would be a valuable asset to its company.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Check out this video that had me really laughing, lol....


Hey, hey, hey, is everybody ready for the coming Summer? I got off the phone talking to my friend and realized that even though its still a few more months before Summer its about time I start thinking about loosing the belly fat. Yup, I have such a big problem around my stomach area. After having a child, I never seemed to have gotten my figure back and that tight stomach. Not that I had a washboard stomach to start with but I was bikini acceptable. She mentioned about doing a lot of things including taking some top fat burners, working out and of course dancing. When she mentioned dancing that gave me and idea, I used to love dancing. In high school we even won a dancing competition grabbing the grand prize from the seniors. Dancing does help you burn fat while making it much more enjoyable and fun. I should start dancing around the house while doing housework but the question is, should I wear heels while dancing or not? Care to help me out with this dilemma?


Worrying about pimples and acne is the one thing that my cousin is plagued with until now. Before hitting puberty he had such clear smooth skin but that all changed. Puberty was just cruel to him, specially on his face. Even now at almost 30 he still has a lot of acne and pimples ruining the skin on his face. He had tried a lot things to treat acne with soap, astringents, creams, pill but nothing seem to work. I guess he really has to go to a Dermatologist to find out what treatment is safe and compatible for his skin. I know my cousin is a happy go lucky guy but I know deep inside he is embarrass about the way his skin looks. Also with his line of work as a call center agents, stress, and lack of sleep only aggravates his skin situation. I hope he finally finds the right treatment to finally get rid of his acne and pimples.


Lets talk about the things I miss and do not miss when I was pregnant. I missed the feeling of my stomach being heavy with my child. The constant movement of the baby that could either be pleasant and painful. The instant glow that mothers get when they are pregnant. Eating anything I could get my hands on without worrying about my stomach getting bigger as it already is, lol. I don't miss the constant throwing up and not being able to eat in the process. The nauseating feeling all the time and being car sick. Constipation that lead to a slight hemorrhoid which got me so worried. You see constipation is associated with pregnancy and when constipation arises your eventually going to get it or not. In my case I got it before and after I had the baby. While pregnant I didn't want to use any medication for fear of what it might do to my unborn child. It was after I had the baby that I got an over the counter medication. Had I know that an all natural hemorrhoid treatments was available I would have had relief while pregnant. At least now when I do get pregnant the second time around I know that their is a medication that is safe for me to use.

Back to reminiscing the good parts of my pregnant days. I was just different while I was pregnat. Believe it or not I felt sexy and more of a woman. People are more accommodating to pregnant women and they get a kick out of touching your belly. I loved dressing up and to emphasize my bump. I don't know If I'll ever have another baby but hopefully it will happen.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Today was slow and relaxed day for me. Kayla had a sleep over at our neighbors house with her best friend Tracy. I can't say I slept in with the princess bruiser trying to wake me up every 10 minutes. BIL Angelo came by the house so Ralph could take him somewhere to try for a job. Ralph also had a few errands to run while he was out and took Kayla with them. When they all got back we usually gather around in the kitchen and had something to eat. We talked about the recent snow storms and how everybody is still digging themselves out. MIL got a chance to talk to her boys about getting a colon and body cleanse that would be helpful to her health. She really wants to get this done and wanted to find to find out more about it. Since she will be turning 67 this Feb 28 she only wants to make sure she is healthy and strong. Besides it always good to find out about your physical well being before you get sick and things get worse.


Winter has been harsh on the east coast. We have been hit not just one but two snowstorm in a matter of a week. Kayla had no school for the whole week due to the inclement weather. I would think I'd get to sleep in the morning since we didn't have to wake up early. I was totally wrong, I sleep in my kids room and they do not sleep in. The latest that they woke up this whole week was around 7:30 a.m., are you freaking kidding me? How can you go back to sleep with a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old jumping up and down the bed and crawling all over you. Plus you hear all the yelling and screaming of going after the same toys. I have eye bags underneath my eye bags and dark circles under my eye that could put a raccoon to shame. My husband wonders why I look so tired when he sees me and worries about me in the process. The problem that I had with eye bags before just got worse. Its high time I get some best eye creams that is out in the market. I'm sure finding the right cream for my eye bags and dark circles isn't going to be a problem. I wish sand man would sprinkle a little extra sleeping dust on my kids so they can sleep in and I can finally get rid of my eye baggage,lol..


You know what, winter has not been that at all bad to me. I usually get very dry skin in the winter and dry flaky scalp but this year I didn't get too bad. Since winter dries out my skin I don't worry about my skin breaking out. However, I do worry in the spring and summer time since my skin is more oily and my pores tends to get clogged. Adult acne is pretty common than most people think. We usually associate acne with growing up but that is not the case all the time. Stress either from work or home, environmental,food intake, cosmetic products, lack or sleep and many more can be a factor for skin breakouts. It's important that we take care of our skin and keep it clean at all times to avoid any skin irritations that could lead to breakouts or acne. For those who keep getting those annoying breakouts and it seems like most over the counter treatment don't work, a trip to your nearest Dermatologist is in order.


Sometimes being a stay at home mom can be very boring when you are faced with the same thing over and over again. I enjoy being a stay at home mom, I know a few people who envy me that I get to stay with my kids, take care of them and be there for them 24/7. It becomes so monotonous though, you don't enjoy what you are doing anymore. A time does come that you want to just go out and find yourself. I kind of promised myself that as soon as my youngest starts school I will be free like a bird and go look for worms, a job that is. It's been 3 years since I last work, I wonder if I am still capable of staying as focus and dedicated. With the economic situation we are all facing right now it makes me wonder how many resumes I have to send out. Looking for a job is by no means an easy task, my working skill are all but rusty. I guess i will eventually find out in 3 years since by that time if we don't have another baby Kaitlyn will be in school most of the time.


We got buried in more than a foot of snow once again. Like most people we have not really had the chance to dig ourselves from the first snow storm then we got hit again by another one. I remembered one Meteorologist said that the second storm was like adding insult to injury. Thank God that we don't have any problem that comes with a lot of snow. I have not really cleaned the house and most specially washed the floor since its all going to get wet and dirty again. My thinking was, wash the floors when all the snow has melted. Yeah right, I don't know how long its going to be before all this snow melts and we will be back to normal. What gets me now is the freezing cold when you go outside and the glaring whiteness of the surrounding. With the stark whiteness outside we get more lights which is good but also bad at the same time. Looking outside gives me headaches and wish that we had put up blinds in the playroom. Its the only part in the house except the kitchen that doesn't have it. I should just let the curtains down but the kids enjoy looking outside at the snow and it also saves on light.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Bbbrrrrggggghhhhhh! As you may well know Washington, Baltimore Maryland, Delaware, Pittsburgh, New Jersey and New York was hit by a big snow storm that started last Friday Feb. 5 and went on until the next day Feb 6,2010. Most schools in the Northern part had early dismissal in case the storm started early. The first snow flakes didn't start falling until around 3:30 in the afternoon and it was so small that you could barely see it. Around 4 was when it stated coming down fast but not as hard. I was so worried with hubby at work with the slippery road there is bound to be a lot of accidents.

The very next day we were all greeted by a sea of snow all around us. Our front porch was covered by about 2-5 inches of snow. Even though the storm hasn't stopped I hurriedly bundled up the kids so they could play outside.

My poor princess bruiser got buried and stuck so many times that she just wanted to be carried. She could not walk in the deep snow for fear of getting her feet stuck.

That is how deep the snow is in front of the house. It's over Kayla's knee but that didn't stop her from walking around and exploring the stark vast area covered with snow.
Amazingly a bald patch of ground was left underneath this tree beside our house. The wind and drift of snow skipped this area and left it with not even half and inch of snow. I tell you this was the only spot outside that didn't get buried with snow.

The whole family minus me of course since I am the photographer. Our dog is even present beside Kaitlyn enjoying the cool snow on his body. Like the good daddy that he is, he woke up to play with his kids even if he had to go to work a few hours after.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Winter is the time where parents are on high alert when it comes to cold, fever, cough and so many more. I not only dread the winter but I worry if my kids are going to get sick. My youngest is only 26 months old and when she gets sick I worry so much. The first time she got a bad cold was when she was less than 3 months old. She was so stuffed up and had such a hard time breathing. Our Pediatrician encouraged us to get a cold mist humidifier to help with her breathing. Not only did we buy one but Ralph got two, one for each kids room. The only problem I have with the humidifier is changing the filters constantly. Speaking of filters, we have to look into putting an air filter in our house. It's important that our kids breath clean air specially inside the house. That is on our to do list to improve the living condition in our home. Having a good air filter helps with the allergens in the air. Now where was I? Back to the humidifier, I go to tell Ralph to buy a filter when he goes out to buy the salt tomorrow. There is going to be snowstorm starting tomorrow so preparations are in order.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Like most people I do have dreams about winning the lottery and hitting it big. Did you know that the first time I tried my hands and buying a ticket for the Powerball I won $7. I was so surprised and that is the beginning of my love hate relationship with the Lottery. I don't regularly buy tickets but when I do get a chance and If I happen to be in a store that has them I buy a couple of tickets. I always say that this is it, this is going to be the winning ticket with matching kiss to it. Obviously I haven't or we haven't hit it anywhere big, lol. But hey I'm not going to stop, it could still happen. Maybe I should start buying Lottery at just one place be it the grocery or our nearest gasoline station which is about 5 min. away from the house. Its just gasoline station scares me and gives me the creeps specially at night. I get nervous about what if someone tries to come in and rob the place. I'm sure places like those have mmf drawer to hide cash, checks or coins. Thankfully nothing has ever happened like that near our place.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Just got off the phone, had to call my sister in Cebu to ask when they are gonna be getting the internet connection back. They finally reached the last straw and decided to leave Smart Bro and look for something better. The service that they have been getting was not bad but terrible. The have made several complaints about the signal and not being able to stay connected online. All the Smart technicians did was drive by looked at the antenna and that was it. No real action to the problem. Luckily I am no longer there if not I would have demanded that reimburse the monthly fee that they have been paying for a service not worth a dime.

My family will be using the prepaid plug in or something for the meantime until the DSL is available in their area. Hopefully when they do get the DSL they wont have the same problem with the signal and staying connected. If they keep having the same problem then its about high time I got them a new laptop. It's not a luxury but a necessity with me living in a different country and the internet being our main source of communication. I have really been looking at daily deal online to check out affordable laptops and gadgets as a gift from me to them. Hopefully I will have enough time to save up and buy one.


It looks like my trip to the Philippines is really pushing through. I will finally be at ease when we purchase the tickets in the next couple of days. Honestly I am very thrilled and scared at the same time. The pessimist in me is just raring to sprout out like another head on my shoulder, trying to make me look, feel and think at all the bad things that may happen to stop our trip. I use to be an optimistic little girl until I grew up and realized that it was better for me emotionally not to expect anything good. It didn't hurt as much, the disappointments are not as crippling. It's a shield that I have learned to put up around myself. I feel like I have let down God, In a way, I am. I am robbing myself from believing and trusting in his plans. It's easier to be a pessimist than an optimist. I have to learn to cut that impending other head off my shoulders and just go with the flow. Looking at the bright side of life is what I really need to do more and more. Life is to short and beautiful..

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