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Friday, February 12, 2010


You know what, winter has not been that at all bad to me. I usually get very dry skin in the winter and dry flaky scalp but this year I didn't get too bad. Since winter dries out my skin I don't worry about my skin breaking out. However, I do worry in the spring and summer time since my skin is more oily and my pores tends to get clogged. Adult acne is pretty common than most people think. We usually associate acne with growing up but that is not the case all the time. Stress either from work or home, environmental,food intake, cosmetic products, lack or sleep and many more can be a factor for skin breakouts. It's important that we take care of our skin and keep it clean at all times to avoid any skin irritations that could lead to breakouts or acne. For those who keep getting those annoying breakouts and it seems like most over the counter treatment don't work, a trip to your nearest Dermatologist is in order.



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