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Monday, April 5, 2010


A parents worst nightmare is seeing their child get hurt. But how would you feel and react when your face in a situation that you are seeing your child body floating in water or be it sinking in the water? Sarah a friend of mine went through that nightmare. She had just put her youngest son Joey for a nap when she could not find her oldest. She found her floating face down in their swimming pool. She jumped in and just got her out and just administered CPR to her little girl. I can't imagine the horror she was in, she said it was her living nightmare. I don't know if I would have reacted the same way if it was me but when a parent is faced with that kind of situation our instinct kicks in. Just like what the dad and the good samaritan did on that miraculous day . According to an eyewitness who was able to take a video of the incident the father jumped in to save his two year old little girl in the freezing water. The picture of him with holding on to a rope with his daughter lifeless on his chest was just heartbreaking. This news did not end in tragedy, the child started crying a few minutes and both father and daughter are fine. I hope to God I will never be have a situation in my hands like that. Accidents happen no matter how much keep we keep and eye on our kids, all we have to do is to be prepared and calm and rise up to the challenge when the situation calls for it.

Here is a clip of the interview of one of the people who witnessed the rescue of the 2 year old little girl :

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