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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Driving Lesson with the Hubby

Today, my hubby took me driving for the very first time. Hubby doesn't want to teach me. According to him " Hun, if I teach you'll end up divorcing me and I don't want that". Does that mean I'm so bad?

I felt crappy waking up today. Hubby has been feeling under the weather and I think I caught something from him. I took an alka seltzer night tablet and it knocked me out. I'm a pretty light sleeper but I didn't hear my husband came in. The next thing I knew he was In the room changing,I would wake up and as soon as I'd blink I was off to la la land. It was probably the best sleep I has since moving back in the masters bedroom. But anyways, I still woke up crappy. Felt like my eyes were swollen,had a throbbing headache. Still I made up my mind to get dress and go for that driving lesson he was going to teach me. We also planned a date just the two of us.

We went to the city where there was a big parking lot with plenty of surrounding stores. It was very deserted since it was a weekend. I thought I was doing pretty good until I heard the sounds coming out from hubby. Many times he got so close to yelling at me but stopped himself. To cut the long story short, I did bad. I killed several imaginary pedestrian, swiped a dozen imaginary parked cars and crashed into imaginary oncoming traffic.

After I had had enough we changed spot and I swear I heard him let out a big sigh of relief!!!! He saw that I was sulking and so sad, he reached over and squeezed my hand " well honey you did bad but, at least were not getting a divorce!". That got me laughing...

One thing for sure,he is enrolling me to a driving school once we eat our tax money. With a more and more practice, confidence i know I'll eventually learn how to drive.

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