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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It finally arrived! My balikbayan box finally arrived after so many calls to Manila..I am just happy that it arrived and nothing was damaged or broken. Seeing my mom so happy made my day. Just in time for our trip going to Ormoc I still got to bring my small presents to my grandparent and see the joy in their eyes. I brought a lot of gifts for my female relatives but very few for my male relatives. I should have thought of getting a few urban clothes for my cousins. Lucky for me I only have 3 male cousins on my maternal side and I got them all a shirt. Next time I will have to plan what to bring ahead of time and really list it down and tag who it belongs to. It matters not the value of the material thing you gave but the thought behind it.I wish I could give them more but they also understand that I am just a simple housewife with very little income. Every smile and thank you wiped away the stress I felt when thinking about what to get them. I am so glad I came home with something for them. It may not have been much but it came from the heart, the thought was there.


What a vacation it has been so far. The heat is still makes us weak and drains our energy but were getting better. We just arrived today from visiting my hometown in Ormoc City. I finally got to see my maternal grandparents once more. The drawback of going home is that food is aplenty. I ate everything that I laid my eyes on, I was on a see food diet ( if i see food i eat it). Too much eating fatty foods and just anything is wreaking havoc on my face. I think I am having a small breakout on my chin. When I go out tomorrow I will have to look for the best acne treatment that is compatible for me. I just hope it won't get to bad so I don't have to worry about it. Vacation time is suppose to be enjoying the food and being stress free. I'll worry about what I look like when I go home. I will definitely have to go on a diet...

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