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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


In a few weeks my MIL and I will be going to NJ to help her grand daughter Kristen. She is having her Senior prom and she wants me and my MIL to be there to help her get ready. I was so honored and happy when she asked me if I could do her hair. Honestly, I am a little apprehensive and nervous about doing her hair. I just want her to have a perfect day where everything from her hair down to her shoes is perfect. She doesn't have her dress yet but I saw a picture of it.I know no matter what she will look beautiful. With all the stress of her school work, part-time job and this upcoming prom I'm pretty sure she has some few breakouts. She is prone to breakouts when she is under a lot of stress so I told her that she has to learn more of what she can take or use to stop the breakouts. Knowing how excited she is for her senior prom, she is probably on the computer right now looking into solutions, medications or creams for her breakouts. As for me, I have to look at some hairstyle that is fitting for prom so that I won't embarrass her. I will just have to practice on my oldest hair seeing that she is the only one who really has thick, long beautiful hair.


After almost 4 years we have finally cleaned up our basement. Ralph had to ask for his nephew A.J.'s help as he still can't lift up heavy object. We spent the whole afternoon in the basement whilst my MIL watched over the kids. The first couple of hours was spent breaking down boxes that we accumulated for quite some time. We also had to weed out a lot of stuff, separate which was junk and which ones are still good. We also had to organize a bit to make the basement less cluttered. I didn't think we were going to be able to do it in just half a day but we did it. Now the front on our house has a mountain of garbage with lots and lots of broken down boxes. The garbage collectors are not going to be happy with us, lol. Some may probably think that we are moving out,lol.

Now that the basement is decently organized and clean we can start visualizing what it would be like to have it finished. That is really one of the few projects that Ralph and I would like to start. It would not only add value to the house but it opens up a new space for the kids and for when we have visitors.. We are aiming to start with the basement in another 2-3 years.

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