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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


For weeks now I have been watching and keeping track of who is being eliminated every week in Dancing with the Stars. Last weeks elimination was a total surprise for me. Yesterday I seem to have missed watching the dance off. I wonder how that happen when I was checking the T.V. show listing for the schedule. Anyways I will be able to watch it online so my panties is not in a bunch, lol. However I did hesitate about watching tonight's dreaded double elimination. First to be eliminated was Melissa Joan Hart, which I am totally not surprise but still she was better than the second one to be eliminated tonight. Louie Vito and his partner were the second couple to be eliminated in tonight's show. Honestly, he should have been eliminated last weeks instead of Natalie Coughlin. Michael Irvin squared off with Vito and got the judges vote to stay on one more week. Tonight I saw Michael Irvin dance like he had never before and he totally enjoyed his Samba routine. This is just week 6 and hopefully each stars will get better and better. Can't wait for week 7. Stay tuned next week to find out who got eliminated or click here for the results.


Most kids know who Mario and Luigi are. They are the famous brothers who fight turtles, flying ducks, break bricks with there head and many more in Nintendo Games. Did you know that Super Mario was recently brought to life by a Pro Lego builder by the name Dirk HV? Check out the full story here. The Lego Mario stands 6 ft tall built from over 40,000 Lego's. With over that many Lego's no wonder it weighed 110 lbs. And the life size Mario Lego is up for sale at eBAY. Bidding is going on and the proceeds of the sale will go to Ronald McDonald Charity, auction ends on November 1, 2009.

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