The Designers Chic

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is Kaitlyn in a box. You may be wondering why she isnt wearing a shirt. Here is the story:

When daddy got home from walking her big sister to the bus stop he decided to finish sorting the stuff in the basement. We didnt get to finish it the last time since Kaitlyn was getting so cranky and would touch and put everything in her mouth in the basement. So this morning we tried again with her and she was very calm, happy and just content sitting in her walker with some plastic spoons as toys. After a while she did get bored and i took her out and let her walk around. She tripped, fell and got dirty with all the stuff that was down there and we finally came up she was filthy. Its warm inside so i just left her without a shirt on and let her walk around for a little bit before she goes down for her afternoon nap. Rest assured she will have a shirt on! I just couldnt resist taking a snap of her in the box, my little trouble maker makes us all laugh!

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