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Monday, April 13, 2009


One of the best thing that ever happened to me was giving birth to my daughter Kaitlyn. She and her sister Kayla has become the center of our lives. Its really true that when you become a mother, a parent you do anything and everything for the sake of your children. Children not only need love, care and attention they also need material things to nurture them mentally, brings out their individuality,personality and talent. Kaitlyn my youngest is turning 18 months in a few days and she is already showing her love and enjoyment of music. Every time she hears music she dances, she also tries to sing along with us. Even at the mass over this holy weeks she was dancing at church. Looking for music that is appropriate for kids of different ages is not easy. Its important that both girls will be able to enjoy and listen to the music. With 150 Fun Songs For Kids finding the right music and all the popular songs is easy. Songs you can download at a very low cost that is already formatted in MP3 and can be played on any Ipod or MP3 players.I'm definitely looking into getting the girls the whole digital album so they can dance and sing along to the music anytime.



After our successful egg hunt the fun did not end there. The kids did not want to go home yet so they decided to have a banging good time in our backyard. They spent more time in the sandbox than anywhere else. Ralph did good when he built that sandbox for the girls. Even the little ones stayed in the sandbox most of the time and only got out to get on the tire swing. They also loved playing catch and just running around. Kids have so much energy while we the adults were tired just looking at them. Our house is the place to be, the place where every body like to hang out. That is actually fine with me so I can keep a close eye on my girls.


One of the perks I love about being pregnant was the fact that I don't have to endure the dreaded monthly cycle. I dread that time of the month since it always bring company named back pain, cramps, bloating and headache. It's been over a year and a half since I gave birth to my baby and that means more than a year of dreading that time of the month. Since Ralph and I are planning on having another baby very soon I hope it happens, It got me thinking about C’elle how they are finding ways to cure some diseases and disorders. Menstrual blood has been found to contain adult stem cell that is to the likeness of bone marrow. It can be harvested safely, pain free and stored. The adult stem cells found in menstrual blood can help treat heart disease, diabetes, for anti-aging treatment and other diseases. If your also thinking of how your menstrual blood can help you one day check out the About Page for more information and benefits it can have for us . As a parent I would like to get this done, this is also for my protection and for my family. In this day and age everything seems to be possible and the cure to any disease could be at hand. Check out the Order Now Page and have that safety net for your life.

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