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Saturday, August 23, 2008


As a mother you wonder how my girls are going to grow up in this corrupt world of us right now. It boogles my mind when i read in the magazines and papers and see it on the new how young boys and girls are having sexual intercourse. Its hard for me to grasp the reality of it and the harsh truth of what is really happening. I know its happening but i cannot for some reason understand why...

  • why are this young girls and boys doing?
  • what gave them this idea about SEX?
  • what does a teenager know about SEX?
  • where are the parents?
  • What are we doing about it?

Ralph niece is 16 yrs old,she spent a weeks with us again.She is an intelligent young lady and i have been talking to her about SEX,BOYS and LIFE. I have been encouraging her to stay strong and stand by her values and not get suaded by other girls that are doing things they are not suppose to do. Telling her to wait for the right guy and to just enjoy bieng a teenager and not jump along in the band wagon of TEENAGERS BIENG SEXUALLY ACTIVE. She went home and sent me a txt message last night saying that one of her friends is pregnant!!! do you want to know how old this girl is?she is just 14 yrs old! for crying out loud,what is wrong with this girls~!!!!Now,my niece txt me again today to tell me that the young girl is going to get rid of the baby.Her parents doesnt know what she has been doing.

I am pro life and i am not in favor or abortion at all! its out of the question unless it is for health reason.These young girls dont know,they think they are so cool bieng sexually active but balks at the thought of having a baby and the shame it will bring to them and how it will destroy there lives. Dont they know the moment they have an abortion they have already committed the most haneous of crime? The murder of an innocent child.!It is worse than anything.

Some survery conducted the year 2000 :

  • By the time students are in the ninth grade, 34% have had sexual intercourse. That rises to 60% by 12th grade.
  • Of those surveyed in 2000, 56% said they first had sex at their family's home or at the home of their partner's family.
    Another 12% had their first sex at a friend's house; 9% at a teen's own home; 4% in a truck or car; 3% at a park or other outdoor place and 3% at a hotel or motel. Ten percent said someplace else.

When i read this it was like getting hit on the head. This was conducted 8 yrs ago,what about now?! What is happening to us?!

Parents,we need to wake up!!!!!! Take a good look around and take off the web of fog around our eyes and mind...We need to talk to our kids and lay out the cards about the pro's and con's of bieng sexually active. We need to stop and really listen to what is happening around us.. I am so scared shitless about my girls growing up in our society today.I dread the day they will reach puberty. I know i cannot run my girsl lives and i cannot protect them and shield them from what is happening around us,but this i promise myself:

I will be there for you my little girls and i will talk to you openly about these things the way my mum did to me. I will try my hardest to raise my girls to respect themselves and to be strong and stand up for what they believe in and to stick to there values. I know my kids are going to fall off the right path but if we the parents are there for them we will be able to pick them right up and help them to the right path once again....


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