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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm here right now upstairs in bed, Ralph lying down watching Grid Iron Gang. I on the other hand is busy surfing on the net for activities to do this summer. That includes planning a vacation out of town or even out of the country. In our economy today we need quality value for every buck that we spend. A Luxury Vacation and Holiday Custon Packages to Greece and the Greek Islands would be a great vacation for an anniversary, honeymoon, birthday and such. Greek is a country full of stories specially that of the Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology and one of the great civilizations in the world. Greece abundant with many natural tourists spots, beaches, museums and not to mention the soul searing food. Imagine going on a Greek Island Vacations for 12 nights, consisting of a stay 2 days stay at Athens, 3 nights in Mykonos, 3 nights in Santorini and 4 nights Greek Island Cruise on a Private Yacht. That alone is enough time to visit all the wonderful spots in those places, sample the food and culture. Maybe on our 10th wedding anniversary this could be something Ralph and I would definitely try, a Greek Dream and Private Yacht Vacation.


I got a surprise yesterday. MIL went to get the mail, she came back inside carrying a green box. It was for me and it was from IZEA. I was so excited to open it, I kinda had an idea that it has something to do with St.Patricks Day. Inside was a green shirt, candies, lollipop, fortune cookie, pencil, Blu Frog dietary supplement, a card and fancy green necklace. I love green so today is my day. I hope you enjoyed your St. Patricks, as Kayla would say Shamrock day! Happy green day!


I am no different than most women, I love jewelry but I'm not really totally crazy about them. My grandmother on the other hand has so many jewelries and she loved wearing them. When I was old enough to wear real jewelry she even let me borrow some of her jewelry to wear in the church, parties and special school activities. My grandfather also wore jewelry, necklace, bracelet and of course a gold ring. I thought that only women wore and love jewelry. I was wrong, he loved the jewelry that my grandmother gave him. Its not uncommon in my country to men to wear a lot of jewelry. My grandfather would love looking the these Unique mens diamond rings, I'm sure he would love getting another one to add to his collection. He doesn't wear them on a daily basis though, only for special occasions. The one ring that I always remember him wearing was this gold ring with a horse shoe design adorned with tiny diamonds. He also had this big ring with a big ruby stone in the middle. If I could afford to buy my grandfather a ring it would be from CleverEve, they have the widest range of men's ring from wedding bands, Titanium rings, Diamond rings, Gemstone rings and Zirconium rings. If i could pick on ring it would the City Style Diamond Men's Ring in 18k white and yellow gold. If you guys are wondering why I'm not thinking of a jewelry for Ralph my husband, he doesn't wear a ring. He even takes off our wedding band when he is on duty so if he ever does a chase his fingers wont get caught on any wire on fences. But one day we hope to buy a new set of wedding bands to celebrate our union and for sure will look into these collection.


This was taken last Friday after the girls got out of school. From l-r is Tamara, Kayla, Kelly and of course the little monster munchkin Kaitlyn in from. For days the girls have been asking us parents if they could play in any of each other's houses. I offered to take the kids in since Kayla has been very very good and behaved. This is them eating popcorn and watching television. Tamara is the quiet mellow one, just goes with the flow. Kayla is the daredevil one, talkative. Kelly is the polite one. Both K's Kayla and Kelly always fight but they always make up. They are both strong willed. I hope the girls will stay friends until they grow up.

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