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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This was taken last Friday after the girls got out of school. From l-r is Tamara, Kayla, Kelly and of course the little monster munchkin Kaitlyn in from. For days the girls have been asking us parents if they could play in any of each other's houses. I offered to take the kids in since Kayla has been very very good and behaved. This is them eating popcorn and watching television. Tamara is the quiet mellow one, just goes with the flow. Kayla is the daredevil one, talkative. Kelly is the polite one. Both K's Kayla and Kelly always fight but they always make up. They are both strong willed. I hope the girls will stay friends until they grow up.


Anonymous said...

The three muskeeters and the little munckhin monster hehehe. Sus nag una kaitlyn sa foodie apil sd siya sa group, siya teacher.


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