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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Smoking has been a way of life for my husband's side of the family. Ralph started smoking quite late considering that brothers smoke at around 16. He didn't smoke at first and would even refuse to let any of his family smoke in his car. That all changed when he started dating this woman who smoked. From that time on he was hook line and sinker. He enjoys it smoking and its his only vice. Ever since the prices of cigarette have gone up he has tried different kinds of cigarette. I don't know if he has ever tried smoking a cigar but I want to see him try. Since our 4th wedding anniversary is coming up, I was thinking about getting him a few Black and Mild cigar. I don't know about cigars but it reminds me of my grandpa, brings back memory of my childhood. Anyway, if Ralph likes it I may even get him more if I get pregnant so he can pass some out when I have the baby. He knows that his smoking will be cut significantly when I do get pregnant and have a baby in the house and car.


Have you been out today? Let me tell you its a slushy, slushy day today. School opening were delayed 2 hours due to the icy road condition early in the morning. I got to sleep in a little bit, let me rephrase that. I got to lay in bed a little bit and move a little slower, lol. The snow that was left from last week is slowly melting into slush and may turn into ice. At least it wasn't that cold out when I finally walked my eldest daughter to the bus stop, just wet. I don't like, getting wet and the mud that goes with it. To those who had to work and commute early this morning I hope you arrived safely at your destination.. Drive safe and pay attention to the road!


The economy is still in turmoil. Many people are still loosing their homes, jobs, business and getting buried in debt. I thought the recession is over but that is not the case. People are still struggling and its specially hard when your disabled. I should know, my BIL Angelo has been on disability for many years due to his back injury when he still worked. Its been really tough but I admire my BIL courage and strength. He has been to court and has fought for his right to get disability. Last Summer his disability was cut off due to the fact that he did work part time and made to much. I asked my husband is Angelo will be able to get a disability insurance that he deserves. Angelo had to fight and did his research and as it turned out, he was still eligible for disability even though he worked part time. If he can find a job with great benefits he will certainly be glad to get off disability and claim his life back. I do hope that he will find that perfect job.

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