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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is a follow up of my blog about the man with a golden voice that got a second chance in life. I have seen news that he is going to rehab, here is a video of his intervention with Dr. Phil.. Yes, he was sober but he has fallen off the wagon. Lets be clear, its not easy being sober from long years of doing vices be it smoking, drinking or drugs, It takes a lot of courage and discipline and focus to stay in the right track. I am just glad that Ted Williams is man enough to realize that in order for him to succeed, he has to ask for help and accept that he needs help. Maybe this time around he will actually make it and stay on top. The road will be tough for him but if he is willing to work through his problems and deal with them as they happen he will make it. I have faith in you Ted Williams.


Guest post written by Joe Huntington

Last year we decided to spend New Year's Eve in and just enjoy each other's company. As part of that, we ordered pizza and sat around in our pajamas watching different New Year's TV specials. But it took forever for the pizza to get there and when it finally did, it was kind of cold. Well, I talked my wife into staying home again this year and letting me cook her a nice dinner instead.

She was a little surprised and skeptical about me cooking dinner for her, but I've done my research and am only taking on things that according to difficulty ratings, should be within my cooking skills range. I found all of the recipes online and just have to go to the grocery store to get some of the last ingredients for the dinner. While I was online finding those recipes, I came across Kennewick 4g INTERNET deals, read up on them and decided to sign up for one of them for our home service.

I can't wait for our New Year's Eve dinner. My wife told me that she would help some, but I'm not going to let her help and just enjoy the nice (hopefully not burning) smells wafting from the kitchen.


Snow has finally come again and it was enough that the kids had a snow day, that means no school!!. We didn't get that much snow, probably around 3-4 inches as the weather reports said. I had to keep on checking the schools website before I went to sleep to see if there was any info. At around 5 a.m I woke up, thank goodness for Iphone I didn't have to go down to check the computer online. I was so glad to turn off the alarm on my phone when I saw that school was closed for Wednesday. I got to sleep for 2 more hours before the kids woke up. We woke up again to a blanket of white everywhere. Winter with snow is just so beautiful, clean and just so peaceful. If it was not dangerous to drive in snow and the condition I would wish for snow everyday in winter as it looks calmer. The kids had a wonderful time playing outside in the snow and stayed out as long as they could. Will be ever get as much snow as we did last year? Who knows, mother nature will just surprise us.

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